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    Best Wifi mesh system for 3 storey 650m2 house

    I've been looking at this kit as well. There aren't many reviews online. In your opinion, how do these compare to the better known brand mesh kits?
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Interview with a Medical Cannabis producer in the North West.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Harlequin is my favorites CBD strain, that's a great price. Thanks for sharing!
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    Total Cost on RA - Opinions

    I recently moved my RA from Discovery to Sygnia. The process was smooth and easy. Sygnia's customer support is amazing, they provided updates and support throughout the process.
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    Saving for a Home Loan Deposit and Extras

    Thanks for this. So I guess I could open multiple accounts at Thyme. Which account at African Bank should I look into? I'm looking for immediate access to funds and something low risk. I have other funds set aside for higher risk investment. Thanks. Why only after 3 months? What do you suggest...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Buy in bulk and you end up paying R30 - R35 p/g for good greenhouse. Most of the dealers will have some sort of bulk discount if you buy 100g or more. Buy some boveda packs to keep it fresh and you're good. The main difference between street Swazi and good greenhouse is the smoke, the effects...
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    SARS E-Filing 2019/20

    Got my sms earlier. Logged in, requested and accepted within 5 mins. The thing that took the longest was how long it took to generate the ITR12 in the new tab. I think this is a great initiative by SARS. Well done to them for this and I applaud them for making tax easy for the average person.
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    Kuilsriver Highbury Park Fiber

    Doing God's work. Thanks for your effort! A lot of people don't realise how important access to good internet is.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Edibles affects everyone differently, that is not an indication of how you would enjoy smoking. It's a different high when smoking. Personally my favourite. My main suggestion would be to get a smoking buddy. Having someone there with you to enjoy the ride, is amazing. I guess that's why weed...
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    Microsoft Surface launched in South Africa

    Bought the Surface Laptop 3 (i7, 16gb RAM, 512GB SSD) for my wife in March. Paid R19500 brand new. I think these laptops are AMAZING! Yeah the bezel is thicker than other laptops but you get used to it very quickly and the actual screen makes up for it. The 3:2 aspect ratio is awesome for...
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    Under Desk Cable Management (Baskets)

    I ended up buying an under-desk solution from Takealot. Perfect solve and only cost R350. Unfortunately it's not on sale with Takealot anymore and I don't remember the brand :/
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    The Cannabis Thread

    For personal use only :-)
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    The Cannabis Thread

    You know the saying "Chasing the dragon"? I once caught the can get ****ed up on edibles with the right amount. I know this from being my wife's Guinea Pig :/ We've found the right dosage now but man it was a trip to get here. The CannaOil we make has taken down even the most...
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    2020 BMW 4-Series (2nd Generation)

    I watched the launch live last night. And watched the carwow initial review afterwards. I love this car [emoji7] I love the grill, it makes the car look hyper aggressive and unique. It sets the 4 series apart from the rest of the line. BMW had to do something a little extreme to compete with...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    There's no comparison...all the 'swazi' stuff is outdoor. You pay a premium with Howzit Bud because they curate their weed, which means you get much better quality.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Yeah, we start smoking as soon as my last meeting for the day ends, sometimes that's at 10 am. We have a very high tolerance. Also, we mostly smoke joints. We generally roll 5-6 (1 1/4 size) for the day and put it in a jar with a boveda pack. Sometimes will smoke all of em and sometimes we'll...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Yoh guys, it's a new month and I am running low again. I was shocked because our last order was just 28 days ago and it had 110g of greenhouse / indoor :O Had to have a serious chat with the wife about how much we've been smoking. She says it's to be expected because of the pandemic, but man...
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    FNB fraud protection - Why your online payments get declined

    I love that they have an automated system in place for this and that they are aggressively blocking tracking fraud. What I don't love is that the system doesn't work for me. When I enter my cellphone number it doesn't recognise it, and I've checked with my banker that I do have the correct phone...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Papers and tips are classified as tobacco products, so no one sells it. I've been to all the retailers in the area, even looked up the owner of the local smoke shop, DM'd him for a connection, nothing. I'm using old business cards for tips, gonna run out of papers soon.