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    iPad Mini Keyboard

    Has anyone bought/tried out some of the iPad mini keyboards available on the market? I find myself in more and more meetings these days, rapidly taking notes on paper - and its starting to become more admin than its worth. Also, anyone know where these are available locally so I can give one...
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    Nano Sims - Vodacom - Johannesburg

    Howsit Guys, My iPhone 5 has arrived, but the vodacom store i visited said they will only receive sims on Monday. Anyone know of any stores in jhb that stock the sim? I don't get too much time in the day, so i can't really spend time calling all the stores, will do so saturday if no-one knows.
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    Fine Point Stylus

    Hi, I am looking for a fine point stylus for my iPad, mainly going to be used for drawing and writing, not keen on those thick rubber tip ones everyone seems to be selling. Going to try hit a few computer stores in a mall today, but anyone find a nice fine tip/point stylus in Johannesburg ?
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    iphone4 to iphone4s

    Whose made the jump, and is it worth it? I can probably get a 4s for 6000 bucks, so I am thinking of going for it. I might just stick to my 4 as well. Anyone that made the jump think its worth it?
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    iPhone4s from the USA

    Hi Guys, someone at work is looking to grab a device from the states but is worried about the device being locked to a US only network. i am not too clear on the policy, but as far as i know all the phones are sim locked and the baseband needs to be altered to get it to work? Anyone here...
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    Google Docs on Android

    Hey guys, thinking of getting an Android tablet, but I do all my document processing on Google Docs. I know there is an application, but has anyone used it/uses it on a daily basis? Is it good enough to use for casual document and spreadsheet editing (i assume its great for viewing)?
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    Exchange mail - BlackBerry v iPhone4

    So I used to have a blackberry, and used to use it to do exchange mail it was quite average though. Used to always struggle when doing look ups to the GAL and never used sometimes not push every mail through. Got an iPhone4 now and it is amazing at exchange. i love the fact that it groups...
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    iPhone4 - Vodacom APN

    Hi Guys, Got my hands on an iphone4, using it on prepaid. When i synced it to my mac, it said there is apn settings that need to be pulled, so i clicked install. The APN is set to but i cant access the net with that. Thought it might be a prepaid issue so i changed the APN to...
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    Opinions from iPad Users

    Anyone here have an iPad? I have the opportunity to get one from Hong Kong at end of the month but i cant decide whether i should get one or not. Want some first hand opinions on this thing. I want to use it mainly for the following: Reading papers when i am doing my research (planning on...
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    Brand New Cars Sub 125 000

    3 years ago we had a sub 100 000 rand car market in South Africa that was led by two cars, the Toyota tazz, the VW Citi golf and the Corsa Lite. Since all 3 have been discontinued it is interesting to see what are now the options for people looking to buy BRAND NEW (and lets stick to brand new)...
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    Windows 7 runs faster on Macs due to Snow Leopard Glitch

    More here Well thats quite hardcore!! Hopefully this can be fixed with an update.
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    The Xubuntu Thread

    Downloaded and installed xubuntu to an old laptop that shipped with XP. Specs are Centrino 1.5 with 256 mb ram. This machine would struggle in vista, but running Xubuntu on this thing is amazing. Running quite smoothly, makes it awesome for some light browsing. I would highly recommend this OS...
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    Public Sector vs Corporate/Private Sector

    Hey guys, Just wondering who here works in the public sector and what their views are of the place they work in. Also keen to hear of where you work. If you are in the private sector/corporate world, what do you think of it/what are your views of the place you work in. Also if you are...
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    The OpenSolaris Thread

    I have decided to try out OpenSolaris at home on a spare box. Before I started, I wanted to see the views of some users on this forum. I haven't found a thread here, so I decided to start one. If there is one already, please point me in the right direction. I will probably only get down to...
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    Problem with Apple mail and Gmail

    Hi Guys, I set up apple mail with imap to my gmail a while ago (on leopard) and decided to start using it again today (on snow leopard). Apple mail cannot connect to the gmail account anymore. I decided to delete and re-add my account but i am now getting this error. I have made sure imap...
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    New MacBook line

    Read more here
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    Virgin Media's 50Mbps broadband faster than all known birds

    Virgin Media's 50Mbps broadband faster than all known birds. Forget that South African pigeon! More here
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    Taxi Strike

    Hi Guys, anyone have any news on the taxi strike, is it happening today or tomorrow ? Are they going to close highways ?
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    RICA issue at an MTN Store

    So I go to the MTN store (the one in 3 Simmonds, Standard bank building) and I tell the lady I need to RICA approve. She says they can't do RICA, but they are still selling cellphone contracts. Now, how are they selling cellphone contracts that aren't RICA approved? Isn't this against the law...
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    SuperSport Job

    Hey Guys, while browsing supersport i came across this "web developer needed" ad. So I took a look. Do they really think they can seriously find one person with all those skills? Some of the skills they are looking for are: Did they just google and pull all the names they could find...