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    Afrihost Mobile for farm

    So I am moving to a farm just outside of Leandra in Mpumalanga, now I need to consider internet connectivity! I looked at VSat but it seems dang expensive and the fair use policies are ludicrous. So far the best option I have found is Afrihost Mobile 20gig for around 900 bucks. I will need to...
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    VSat option

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an option on a farm, ideally something uncapped had a look at IBurst VSat but the Fair Use policy kills it for me, their 1Meg (so dog slow already) option has a 3 Gig FOP after which you a throttled to 128K! I saw some other options like Yaclick and so on but they...
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    Anonymous South Africa ?!?

    I think this is the funniest thing I have seen this year! WOW I am at a loss for words...
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    Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Factory Unlocked [S]

    Item name : Amazon Fire Phone 32 GB Factory Unlocked Age and condition: New in box Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (With Amazon) Reason for selling: Got this at a Conference not using it. Price:4000 Negotiable: Yes Location:Sandton Shipping or collection: For buyers account...
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    Feel good story for this Friday... Gogo sells bed to pay for studies..

    Source : Now you study hard boy you hear me!!!
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    Alienware Steam Machine

    Would love one of these : Would unfortionately probably cost more than my car in SA....:erm:
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    Netflix on RaspBMC

    Hi Guys, I have XBMC running on a Rasberry Pi, works great for media on a HDD. I have done some reading but cant seem to find a solution to get Netflix onto a Rasberri Pi ? Seems Netflix uses silverlight ? Any idea as to whether there is a way to do this ? Thanks a stack!
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    Steam OS

    SteamOS Not sure where to post this, could be under Linux,Gaming or News.. I am an avid Valve fan, and have been using steam quite a bit over the last few years, so the release of SteamOS is quite interesting. Check out : So your thoughts on this...
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    Line Attenuation

    So I had a few disconnects (only one night now it is fine) and the guy from WA said there was some noise on my line which lead me to think how much is a lot and what does it mean... I got this which seems to indicate...
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    Web Africa - Freezone ?

    Hope this hasn't been posted before, just got activated on the WA 16gig/4M special any body know which sites are included in the "Freezone" I can't seem to find anything on their website ....:wtf:
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    Electronic Book Prices (Kindle and others)

    Saw this article this morning.... Does this mean the end of properly priced ebooks :cry:, has publishers realized the y would make less money.. I have a kindle...
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    Is there a Gremlin in the system ?

    Shees I have spent hours on the phone with "accounts" departement ... there are so many issues on my account I don't know where it comes from... I am being charged for late renewal then I get credited for it, then I am charged at the old rate, and again credited, then billed somme twice on...