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    So owning crypto makes you a criminal according to SARB?

    To simplify what SARB is saying - crypto is an asset. So, you can purchase crypto with Rand, but you can't sell it for anything other than a South African domiciled asset, e.g., Rand. This exactly the same as e.g., buying a yacht. You can buy the yacht, sail the yacht, have fun, but you can't...
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    Government plans to allow driver's licence, passport and ID renewals at the Post Office

    Relative to the number of bank branches in South Africa, it's a VERY small handful.
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    Mind the speed ISP

    Yes, well, previously I was quite happy with MTS, but recently I'm getting a lot of "no connectivity" episodes that last about 30 minutes. Very annoying when you're trying to have a zoom call. When I call MTS, they blame Frogfoot. But I'm starting get very frustrated by this.
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    Government plans to allow driver's licence, passport and ID renewals at the Post Office

    Yes, well, government announced that banks were supposed to be doing smart ids, passports, etc years ago. How many bank branches today actually offer smart id's? A very small handful. So call me once something actually gets done. "Plans" means nothing.
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    Mimecast Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    State of email security Biggest vector for corporate attacks
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    Ethiopian Airlines willing to provide pilots and planes for new SAA

    Ethiopian got me stuck in Addis for 24 hours last year - their incoming flight was was 1 hour late. They paid for the hotel, but worst hotel ever. Inedible food, linoleum floor with holes in it, power went out every hour, and when it came on again the TV in room started playing full blast. In...
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    Jobs rebound in South Africa: we are working on it, says Ramaphosa

    Scariest sentence in the english language - "we're from the government, and we're here to help you".
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    Trading ETFs in USD with online platform... who has my money and how safe is it?

    I was a Saxo client, and was then migrated to DMA. At the time of the migration, they were simply a white-label on Saxo, so your money was in effect with Saxo. If I recall correctly, that meant with Citi as the custodian. However, there were some plans to change from being a pure white-label, so...
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    Seed funding, VC in South Africa

    Look at becoming involved with an incubator or accelerator. They can get you mentors, and also introduce you to VCs
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    MTN Promotion - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    With speeds 10x faster than 4G and eventually becoming 100x faster, 5G is changing the way we work and play
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    Absa Family Banking Giveaway - Enter Now

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