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    Pitso Mosimane resigns as Sundowns coach, set to take charge of Al Ahly
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    How long do your laptops usually last? Do you take good care of your gear?

    I am currently on my second laptop in six years. I got the first Lenovo G50 in October 2014 and used it until April 2018. The hinge was eventually broken and the charging port as well. I sold it for R600. Probably stupid now but I needed to get rid of it as I was travelling. I have had my...
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    Do you think Everton will be a force to be reckoned with this season?

    I know it's only two games into the season but I've made three observations so far. 1. They have won against Tottenham and West Brom in dominating fashion. 2. This could be the season when Dominic Calvert-Lewin truly establishes himself as a world-class player. He would benefit from the...
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    Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul mega fight will take place this year
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    Mashaba says corruption and looting has made launch of his party timely
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    What are the most cringe worthy songs you heard?

    Is there anything which can beat this?
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    Mbali Ntuli challenges John Steenhuisen to four debates
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    What are good replacement USB chargers that actually last?

    I buy a new USB type C cords every few months. I usually pay between R50-R100 for a replacement (often from a Pakistani shop). They silver connection at the end usually ends up bending and the charger becomes harder and harder to use over-time before it eventually gives in. Are there any...
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    DA Councillor Renaldo Gouws embroiled in social media row
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    What are your thoughts on Standard Bank Money Market Call accounts?

    I put a chunk of money in there recently. The interest rates seem to be decent but I'm certainly no expert on investing. What are your thoughts on them? Do you suggest anything different?
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    Former Proteas Dippenaar, Symcox lay into Ngidi over Black Lives Matter stance
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    Anyone has any tips for opening up an Acer Aspire One Netbook and inserting a SSD?

    I bought a SSD for an Acer Aspire One Netbook which had been lying at home. The PC is about 9 years and was not used in many years (it was too painfully slow to use) though it still works and its physical condition is good. I unscrewed all the screws at the bottom but the bottom cover is still...
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    Steenhuisen won't speak out against Zille's tweets to avoid tit for tat
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    Had anyone ever had a solar power power-bank? Are they good?

    I was thinking about buying one. How long do they take to charge and how long do they generally last? How is usage generally different from the regular power banks which we charge via mains?
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    Is there anything I can do to improve the appearance of my PC?

    My two year old laptop got a few cracks to its body. I am generally a bit of a rough guy with tech and it did take a drop last year when I was mugged (guys pushed me down and fortunately did not realize I had a PC in my backpack). The keyboard area has a few cracks. I used power-glue to...
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    Steenhuisen says Zille's tweets on Apartheid are not truthful
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    The Accidental Mayor: Herman Mashaba and the battle for Johannesburg
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    Is there a way for me to rollover my data at a cheaper rate?

    I have about 50gb of a 200gb data bundle remaining. I went to the rollover option and I am being quoted a price of over R1000 to roll over the data for 30 more days. It's probably not worth it. If I buy a new bundle, will it automatically roll over the current data that I have?