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  1. Luke7777

    Frogfoot Installation options

    Do they only trench or do they do ducting above ground as well ? What about overhead, as my Openserve line is overhead ?
  2. Luke7777

    Game design

    Quick question... Son is studying at UP and soon getting into game design. When designing for IOS, am I looking at purchasing a Macbook Air/Pro or something, or are there other options ?
  3. Luke7777

    Dell 9560 replacement battery

    So the current battery is bulging and pushing the trackpad out. Since it's mostly used in desktop mode, it's on AC power 99% of the time. Purchased in Feb 2018, so I expected a bit longer life out of it, but anyway.. struggling to get a replacement :( Anyone knowing where I can source a Dell...
  4. Luke7777

    Router and Orbi mesh on 2 different IP ranges

    Need some help. Have a D-Link DIR-825 fibre router (, WiFi off, DHCP on) , linked to a Orbi RBK23 mesh (, Router + 2 satellites). The default install of the Orbi assumed DHCP on and thus the rest of my house is on the 192.168.1.x range. However, I have a couple of wired...
  5. Luke7777

    JBL Repairs

    Have a Charge 3 that has a bit of static when the volume goes up. Apart from that in excellent condition. Anyone/anyplace in the Pta area that can repair this ?
  6. Luke7777

    Email issue

    Since the weekend my outgoing email has stopped delivering. No error messages, nothing... just doesn't go anywhere but Sent Items. smtp is still POP3 is with Mweb. Already missed a submission deadline due to this :( Any ideas ?
  7. Luke7777

    Which HDD for internal storage ?

    Need to replace my current Seagate ST3000DM001. Been looking at this one , but it seems to get mixed reviews. Needs to be in the 2-4 TB range. Any suggestions ? Boot disk is SSD, so I'm sorted there. Was also toying with the idea of just keeping it external.. have a brand new WD MyCloud...
  8. Luke7777

    Hurricane Michael

    Anyone keeping an eye on this monster ? Son evacuated last night from Tallahassee . Student, living in a house, next to the FSU campus (Btw, feel free to move it to another subforum if needed)
  9. Luke7777

    1ST MEDAL !!!

    Mokoena .....Silver in the long jump