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    Something weird going on with my 20d.

    I shoot everything in Raw & JPG just cause it's easier to go through the JPEGs quickly and then process from the RAWs when I have the right file. Now what is happening is the RAW picture is nice and clean but the matching JPEG has a couple red pixles in the same spots on every shot. It's not a...
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    Asus SIIE & RAM

    Has anybody out there managed to get a machine running with an Asus Striker II Extreme mobo and more than 4GB RAM (DDR3)? I have 4GB but I would like to upgrade to 8GB before I let Windows 7 loose on it. Just need to know what brand of RAM is being used if anybody has got it right. The SIIE...
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    Problems with mail relay through

    Hope somebody can help me here. I have a client who is having problems getting email from somebody using the vodacom network. The message the senders is getting back says ... This is the Postfix program at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could...