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  1. schuits

    Starlink Internet pricing

    There have already been complaints from astronomers (?) about the satellites fouling up the night skies. They then made adjustments to decrease the satellites visibility from earth. I was wondering how these things are effected by storms and such. Does the quality tank when there is a storm...
  2. schuits

    The Shroom Thread

    I bawled my eye's
  3. schuits

    Free Will(s) lol - No really, free will for October only

    Be very wary of the executor fees part! My parents did a "free will" with FNB and were very displeased with the chunk FNB took when one of them passed away.
  4. schuits

    Should vaping be treated as smoking?

    It should be regulated to the extend that it prevents inconsiderate people forcing others to have to smell their vapor. But then again, we haven't banned farting in public.... IMO claims of secondary smoke effects from vaping are over hyped nonsense. Sitting in a car in traffic in my opinion...
  5. schuits

    South African tech companies paying the biggest salaries – And what their CEOs earn

    Sickening that with 1 annual CEO salary I could clear my debts and never have to work again.
  6. schuits

    Anyone had brain surgery before?

    I had a cousin who had a brain tumor removed. During surgery they had to wake her up to check where they were operating wasn't impairing her speech functions etc. The surgery went well. But yeah, strongs man, not an easy thing to go through.
  7. schuits

    Musicians' thread.

    I wish I had the perseverance to learn guitar properly. I started of with a 2nd hand strange format Washburn. Then bought a Les Paul (yes that's a flex). And an acoustic later when I took group lessons. I see someone recommends Yousician, so I'll look into that. Maybe one day I'll be able to...
  8. schuits

    Cannabis & Shroom Trip Thread

    <Snipped to prevent wall of quote> I think you hit the nail on the head with your experience. Like you mentioned , and is my experience too, is it's often a too low dose, but at least you did have some experience to build on. I found this article has some valuable information...
  9. schuits

    Lost Warranty, any solution?

    It was a 5 year warranty. So lost 3 years. I'll just hope this make and model stands the test of time.
  10. schuits

    Lost Warranty, any solution?

    That might have worked IF it had been related to the lockdown. But I doubt I can convince them I missed a service by 10 months due to the lockdown.
  11. schuits

    Lost Warranty, any solution?

    As most may know a service for a new car will be something like every 12months or 15000km, whichever comes first. I, for some reason, didn't pay attention to the first 12months and took my car in for it's 15000km service. Since I had missed the 12month service by several months, the...
  12. schuits

    Virtual DVR/NVR (for my IP camera's)

    Been using BlueIris for several years. Very happy with it.
  13. schuits

    Cannabis & Shroom Trip Thread

    You're right. I didn't express myself properly. The outermost layer is a waxy skin that you don't want.
  14. schuits

    Cannabis & Shroom Trip Thread

    You'll need a length of about your forearm, so 50cm sounds good? The active part is in the outer most skin, so there's a way of preparing it by removing the skin and leaving the white stuff inside alone. I've only tried a dose once, but unfortunately the amount given wasn't enough for me to...
  15. schuits

    America remembers 9/11

    Destroy your own buildings, kill your own people...use it to justify you military budget, invade other countries...etc. etc. My simple mind can't even comprehend how this was actually orchestrated to justify someones agenda.
  16. schuits

    Flight Simulator 2020

    Ok maybe 'ran at medium' was optimistic. FS selected medium so I went with it. But yeah, it takes forever to load as I wasn't using my SSD and there were indeed freezes.
  17. schuits

    Flight Simulator 2020

    Tried a bit over the weekend. Was a tad disappointed that local sights aren't modeled correctly. Like a beautiful 80m waterfall has been turned into a little rapid. But then again, it's flight simulator, not real world scenery simulator. Playing with a keyboard is pure hell. and my old Logitech...
  18. schuits

    Re-roof thatch

    I'd also be interested in people experiences. Recently had a veldt fire next door and it scared the sh*t out of me, worrying my house would burn down. Someone I spoke to said Harvey Tiles were horrible, but I can't remember the reason.
  19. schuits

    Flight Simulator 2020

    I've built my own IR headset, I've tried FacetrackNOIR, I've even tried one solution where I had my phone strapped to my the end of the day all of these solutions left me frustrated. If I was still into sims I would get the TrackIR but the price..yeah.
  20. schuits

    Application process for Amazon's new jobs in South Africa detailed

    You're right ofc. With that many employees my statement would be a gross over generalization.