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    First commercial property... help

    Best bet might be Standard Bank. But most banks don't allow you to use residential(home) loan options to buy commercial properties. Commercial\business loans are dealt with separate business units in the bank and also have different requirements as compared to the home loan departments. Also...
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    LEGO prices to increase in SA

    Bought both my kids decent generic sets at maybe a quarter of the price recently from my local China Mall. The qaulity seems to be the same, even down to the instructions.
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    NaTIS Drivers License Renewal 0 Slots Available

    It is a semi farce, driver license schools have access to enatis and book slots for a fee...
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    Where is Koo sweetcorn...

    Experienced the same, switched to Rhodes and found it to be better than Koo, like a lot.
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    Huawei SA is still going strong despite dropping Google services

    At the price point I want to pay I expect GMS, no desire to jump through hoops. So I am looking at a Samsung Note 20 Ultra.
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    Huawei SA is still going strong despite dropping Google services

    Ditto. Love/d my P30 Pro. But my next phone isn't going to be a Huawei.
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    I was lied to about non-approved buildings on a property I just signed for...need advice please.

    If you like the house, inform the conveyancer and request that the seller take responsibility for the drawing up of the plans or the transfer won't move forward.
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    Any great cellphone contract deals at the moment?

    Indeed, but lol at thinking that 36 months is an OK idea.
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    Any great cellphone contract deals at the moment?

    36 months isn't the new norm. Over indebted consumers are the target market. You will be judged in the real world. 36 months to subsidise a piece of technology that would be surpassed in 12 months with something else.
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    Whats happening at 702 ?

    I don't know has been a while and when I switch to 702 they play some great music 24/7. Massive improvement
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    Day 143 of the lockdown, dumbbells and kettlebells.

    Had a look at a few of the stuff available on gumtree\facebook and I wasn't that impressed. Rusted to shyte or bad castings that probably would survive a year of use.
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    Day 143 of the lockdown, dumbbells and kettlebells.

    My dear Sir, thy crack needs to be in a show room condition.
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    Day 143 of the lockdown, dumbbells and kettlebells.

    Dear Journal, I hope your are well. Today is day 143 of the cruel lock down and I still can't walk into a sports\retail shop and buy dumbbells or kettlebells. I am afraid the the little gains I have managed to reach during this time might be lost for ever if I don't start to get some heavier...
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    Post Office delays due to level 3 lockdown

    Waiting for very important documents from Australia. Apparently SAPO isn't accepting any international mail since April...
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    When to self isolate, when to test and when to test everyone

    Is there any guidance about when one should test and when one should test everyone. In other words how many degrees of separation is needed not to be required to be tested. Considering that Person A's spouse was in contact with someone a week ago that now has been tested positive and now needs...
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    Homeloan Interest Rates

    Well since the house never loses, that should give you an indication of what the banks are thinking the interest rates are going to do.
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    South African private hospital systems still down after cyberattack

    Lol, guys dig deeper. Three weeks down and that is the answer? They were caught with their pants down. I wouldn't be surprised to see patient information floating around the Internet soon.
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    Big WhatsApp issues in South Africa

    What is the point of the last seen time? Why is important that it doesn't work?
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    Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20+ - Ultimate smartphone showdown

    Do any of these R21k devices still require me to jump through hoops to have a partial solution to using Google Media Services?