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  1. Mephisto_Helix

    Deon Davids rumoured to be next Springbok coach

    Yeaaaaaah, nope :oops: Paywalled here, seems no other links yet -
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    A most puzzling PC issue

    Ok this is a long one but it has me stumped big time ...... So loadshedding (and a blown transformer in the area) had my PC dead, I couldn't make it back in time to unplug like I usually do :/ I took it to the local tech shop, told them what happened and left it at that. Later that day, I go...
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    Latency - My end or server end

    Ok so usually my North America ping is at the 260-290 mark (has been for years on different ISP's) but the last few weeks it's increased to 300-320 which is still ok for an MMO but today I log on and bam, it's in the 400's. Funny thing is ping tests show normal to a variety of other NA sites or...
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    Springboks EOYT 2012

    Some overzealous modding saw the other thread just vanish ........
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    Sharks Supporters Thread

    Just over a week to go fellow Sharks supporters ...... I am so ready for this :D
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    Official Xbox360 Discussion/News Thread.

    Just thought a thread like this is needed for us Xbox fanbois to keep in the loop with related news and whatnot (seeing as how some of us tend to search out Xbox news almost religiously :p). It's not a flame thread! Just a place to post and discuss whatever new things you may come across regards...
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    NZ's Nonu issues haka warning to England.

    Someone needs to pop their way overinflated heads ..... arrogant prats :rolleyes: Link
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    Xbox Live! help please.

    Thanks to Dohc-WP being so damn slack on the FAQ I need some help :p:D I need to get me some cable and what not (about 10ft I think), so can someone please inform me what would be the useful one from this page? - Also, my...
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    Konami: 'We're actively looking' into MGS4 on Xbox 360.

    Linky It's a rumour or whatever but it's still nice to think that a collective OH NOES!!! will go up around the world from the PS3 fanbois :p:D
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    Bok emblem up for discussion? (again)

    I am basically commentless (:mad:) but here's extracts - and the link
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    DA counciller gets 'slap on wrist'

    Wait for the reaction at the end of the article and try not laughing ;) .... now isn't that rich coming from the ANC :rolleyes:
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    Rugby: Springboks 2008 Thread

    So with the international season upon us I thought we needed a thread to discuss all things Bok related :D
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    Favourite movie quotes

    Movie Quotes Do you ever find yourself repeating these gems in your daily situations ? I want to see what everyones fave movie quote is and if it is indeed been used. My favourite has to be : "Hey, taak it eezy" (mexican accent spelling attempt here, lol) from Nacho Libre. Whenever someone...