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  1. tcofran

    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter now and win great prizes

    Apply online by 28 February 2019 by submitting a video of no longer than 3 minutes that explains your business idea. Make sure you cover the following: An overview of your business How it will solve real FinTech or InsurTech challenges that Santam faces Proof of your track record in the market
  2. tcofran

    Rare cars on SA road

    only now read the guys sign board # and all
  3. tcofran

    Rare cars on SA road

    This was at Fountains Circle in Pretoria this morning
  4. tcofran

    Rare cars on SA road

    Porsche 914-6
  5. tcofran

    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter now and win great prizes

    With up to 96% lower energy consumption than lasers, not only do WorkForce Pro printers reduce electricity costs, but they can also help your organisation meet envrionmental targets. Because inkjet printers use no heat in the printing process, they consume far less power than laser printers...
  6. tcofran

    Bunny Chow pictures

    Ola, didn't make it there, still alive....... Will pop round during the week, and report back
  7. tcofran

    Two-day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Integrates with existing WAN architecture and improves network efficiency, agility and flexibility.
  8. tcofran

    Dell Laptop issue

    Cant get past the black screen, i can access the BIOS only
  9. tcofran

    Dell Laptop issue

    So, yesterday morning i am busy working on my Dell laptop, when the notification bar opens and tells me that there are two Intel updates available. The one being the driver for the graphics (intel 620 or something) I ran the update and when the laptop rebooted it goes to the Dell logo, and then...
  10. tcofran

    Bunny Chow pictures

    Thanks, so its Newlands, gonna pop round there this afternoon
  11. tcofran

    Bunny Chow pictures

    Where is this place ? i dont know of an Ocean Basket in Erasmus Rand
  12. tcofran

    The Gauteng Heavy Rain and Hail Warning Thread!

    12mm in Waterkloof Ridge
  13. tcofran

    Throwing away a knife responsibly

    This /\/\
  14. tcofran

    What Are We Doing As White English Speaking People in SA?

    Jip, painting with a very broad brush
  15. tcofran

    The MyBB pay it forward thread

    Time to PIF Ferrari car seat available in Pretoria, old east. Collection only unless you really want to have it shipped at your cost EDIT : Managed to get buyer on OLX today, will PIF something else later
  16. tcofran

    If these were your lighties/laaities what would you do?

    ah, boys being boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. tcofran

    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win Great Samsung Prizes

    It’s as easy as swiping up, authenticating and paying with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone1. You can even load your loyalty cards - so you don't need to carry those with you either.
  18. tcofran

    Android App requests / Looking for an app that does X - thread

    Datally ? oops no, it doesn't show upload data