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    Level 3 draft regulations - Good news for businesses, exercise, alcohol, and hairdressers

    Between customers, not between the hairdresser and a customer I assume
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    Which ISPs will give free Openserve fibre and ADSL speed upgrades

    I received mine from MWeb on 30 April already. Can't complain about a 90/50 (which I assume is 100/50) upgrade from 40/20
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    New lockdown levels - A simple guide

    But then what does it include? Are you allowed to do pushups in public while you wear a mask? It's so vague! I don't see how its possibly a risk to run alone from your home around roads and trails. Running with a mask won't be too much fun. I assume they're trying to stop 100s of people going...
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    How to use SARS' new eFiling system

    Just don't do your return and then save it... it will be blank when you go back in
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    How to cancel your Telkom account

    18 October: MWeb transfers my line back to Telkom 21 October: I cancel with Telkom online and receive a reference number 13 November: receive another invoice (figure its part of the 30 day period) 13 December: receive another invoice... I called Telkom, first person I spoke to said MWeb had not...
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    Filling your petrol tank past "first click"

    Does the sun not affect the car if your tank is almost empty :unsure:
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    Best router for fibre?

    Make it 4 faulty routers now... not even going to bother asking for a 5th one
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    Best router for fibre?

    Are the Zyxel routers that MWeb dishes out utter POS or am I just really unlucky to have had 3 stuff out within 6 weeks of having fibre installed? Should I even bother requesting yet another replacement?! - V1 was the best lasting 4 weeks, then it wouldn't keep a connection more than 5...
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    Poor MWEB Fibre performance

    I "upgraded" my 10mb/s DSL to 40mb/s Openserve fibre (thru MWeb) two weeks ago, both capped accounts Speed tests all show fibre as running great at 35+ / 20 Web browsing is quick enough, but everything rarely shows speeds over 10mb/s For example tonight it took 30 minutes to download a 32mb...
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    South Africans are begging for help to cancel their Telkom accounts

    Cancelled my landline 2 minutes ago, holding thumbs.....
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    2 adults, around R2 500 including toiletries, cleaning stuff etc