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    Openserve nothing bigger 200mbps ?

    While I am fairly content with my 200/100 line on openserve, It just bugs me tremendously that I have friends on Vumatel who pay more or less the same as me and are on a 1Gbps line! What is the deal with openserve, its 2020 and 1Gbps should offered to clients who need the extra speed. Is it...
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    Bitco - Openserve FTTH yay!

    Recently moved from Afrihost to Bitco. Afrihost terminated their data portion and I was hard down, was able to buy Axxess Data just to have things up and running. Would like to thank Suvania from Bitco for assisting with the entire process. Also able to get a static IP if your router supports...
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    Migrating from Cool Ideas to Afrihost Pure Fibre

    Hi Guys I am migrating from cool ideas 100Mbps to Afrihost Purefibre 200Mbps (same price). I hope its a smooth transition. @CoolChick @PBCool Please ensure line is migrated smoothly No real reason for leaving cool ideas expect I need more speed and Afrihost came in cheaper. I had a few...
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    Loadshedding Kit - Inverter and Battery setup ?

    Hi Guys With so many option out there regarding Inverter and Battery setups. I would like to know what brands you use ? And how long do the battery actually last ? What batteries to stay away from etc. And other other valuable advice would be helpful. Thanks
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    2018 LG TV Service Menu

    Hi Any one got into the LG service menu of any OLED LG TV 2018 or SK8000 model ? Please share method if you have
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    Dolby Atmos Sound Bars - Any one have them ?

    Hi Guys I am thinking of ditching my old Samsung 5.1 system for a dolby atmos system such as the LG SK10Y or Samsung HW950 (both sound bars). Any one have these kinds of setups who can comment on the experience ? I was told by a sales guy they have sold 100 x HW950 Systems and these things are...
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    LG NANO Cell TV - SK8000

    LG NANO Cell TV - SK8000 Price R22 000 Reason for sale going with a OLED higher model. Age under a month with 2 year warranty Link below
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    Huawei P20 Pro, Any Good?

    Hey guys Looking for a replacement phone, I have been using Samsung since the Galaxy S2 and as much as Samsung are good phones I have grown tired of the brand and the look and feel of them. I am looking for a replacement for my galaxy S9+ (RIP). Any of you can comment on the Huawei P20 Pro ...
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    TP Link VDSL Router - G225

    Excellent working condition. 1 year old Selling because its no longer required migrated to Fibre. Price R300 each
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    Cool Ideas 200Mb package too expensive ? Openserve

    Is it me or is the 200Mbps package on openserve too expensive ? CISP = R2409 Cybersmart (900Gb FUP) = R1515 Afrihost Premium Uncapped = R2097 Hope prices drop next year
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    Openserve Fibre - Which ISP?

    Hi Guys Recently got openserve fibre in our Estate, we were told as it is a new install residents won't have to wait 2 - 3 weeks to install at most it would take 2 days. My first choice was Cool Ideas however they had my application Since last week Monday I gave them go ahead to proceed on...
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    I was in Ladysmith recently where i got good 8ta speeds and Ladysmith is in KZN!!!! In my area which the speeds are beyond slow common 8ta Ladysmith is a Farm Area and it has better speeds than Roodepoort which is a fully established area. EISH!!!