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    Task App

    TaskTask is pretty much the only one that syncs with Microsoft Exchange server. Reminders in iOS 5 also will sync your tasks from Exchange Server and therefore Outlook so may be worth waiting for that.
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    What apps do you recommend for iPad?

    iThoughts HD is nice. Takes a little getting used to the layout and the hand cursor movement but does everything you need.
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    speedtest ios 4.3.3 vs ios 5

    not at all. I'm running iOS 5 on my ipad and its a proper beta. There is still lots of work to be done.
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    Which office suite are you using on your iPad?

    I use a combination of quickoffice hd and pages/numbers depending on the task. Quick office pretty much has the ms office suite covered though and works pretty well.
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    Cape town places to buy iPad 2?

    I'm having the same problem! No one has stock of 3G models. If you find any please let us know, I've phoned everywhere!
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    Best place to buy Itunes Vouchers?

    check out Service has been good, get your vouchers via email shortly after ordering.
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    anybody used want to import the ipad 2

    They are great! I've used them for iPad accessories. A friend brought in his Nexus with them and I will definitely use them for my iPad 2.
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    Vodacome iPhone 4 on MTN

    I got mine for R 7999 from the Vodashop in Kenilworth. I think that price is still too high as I've heard of lower prices elsewhere.
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    Vodacome iPhone 4 on MTN

    Thanks for the responses. I bought it today and once the microsim is active I will see how it goes!
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    Vodacome iPhone 4 on MTN

    I tried to buy an iPhone 4 today from a Vodashop today because they had stock (I'm on MTN) but they said two things: The warrantly is void if I put an MTN sim into the phone and that Vodacom has preinstalled software and that the phone wouldn't work correctly on the MTN network. Does anyone know...