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    How to log in to Mikrotik? (Vox fibre)

    Read this page: Depending what they’ve done you may need to do the longer reset and then maybe netinstall. RouterOS is not something you can pick up in 5min. Unless you’re a network engineer, it’s gonna take days...
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    How to log in to Mikrotik? (Vox fibre)

    I had fiber installed last month. As soon as Octotel activated the ONT, Vox sent me an automated email with the Pppoe details. I put those details into my own router and I was online immediately. The Vox installer pitched up the next day with the mikrotik. I had said I didn’t want it but they...
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    Presentation on iPad

    Have a look at
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    Top up - BIS/BES

    Hi, I have a topup315s contract and am interested in getting a blackberry. As I dont pay the contract myself, I don't want to have the R59 bolt-on BIS/BES fee on the account, but would rather pay it out of the loaded airtime, prepaid style. Is this possible? And is there any difference...