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  1. entrepr

    Urgently looking for the Zambia Chiluba MMD Election TV Ads on corruption, potholes

    Please, if you know where this is on the internet please send the link The only one I can find is this one "The Hour has Come" It shows the 'road to the future' run into the ground - potholes etc I'm keen on finding the others in the...
  2. entrepr

    Snowden using TAILs to beat the NSA with Anonymous Encrypted Messaging

    I came across this article today about how Snowden used a version of Linux tailored for anonymous messaging Seems like it was created by the navy but had the NSA beat - so much so that Snowden knew they could not crack it and was confident using it...
  3. entrepr

    Kia customer data compromised?

    Anyone experiencing problems like a colleague had with a corrupt database at Kia? 10 year warranty became 5 years. Start year changed to over 10 years ago (car model wasn't even around then)? End year changed to 12 years from start year (how did the system get that math)? Warranty and...
  4. entrepr

    Connectivity Across Africa Thread

    Hi I have an interest in connectivity in various countries in Southern Africa, even Sub-Saharan Africa, and would love to see an active thread around this, both for SA users wanting to know about other countries, and for users in other countries who don't have the wonderful myBB service...