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  1. HumanShield

    No iPhone 12 in South Africa yet

    If this is the case, the prices of the iPhone 11's don't really point to this. They're not even flagged for black Friday. But this is core group after all. For them 100 off something classifies as a black Friday sale for them.
  2. HumanShield

    DStv's biggest threat

    Cheap data is one of the reasons and probably the biggest reason that accelerated the bleeding of premium subs. But is myBB going to ignore the fact that they have not innovated or added value to any kind of DSTV package whatsoever. There is no value add to it. Sure PVR. Whoopie. That novelty...
  3. HumanShield

    FNB is rolling out new security updates and changes – what you should know

    Had this a few times now. No more 3D secure OTP. I have to approve on the app and then click another link on the page once I've approved the transaction.
  4. HumanShield

    How many entertainment subscriptions do you pay for each month?

    Does subscribing to more than one person's OnlyFans count as one subscription? I mean it's the same company :sneaky:
  5. HumanShield

    Watch - Heated exchange halts SABC retrenchment process

    "We were in corona virus wards..." so just a normal Tuesday for the doctors and nurses doing that ever damn day.
  6. HumanShield

    SABC staff appeal for SA support as retrenchments loom

    I had coke coming out of my nose when I saw this.
  7. HumanShield

    Health crisis: Nelson Mandela Bay sends out SOS as active Covid-19 cases approach 6,000

    So the government pretty much steals all the money for the improvements to the hospital. Doesn't bother to hire nursing and support staff. They have a health MEC that's out of her depth. They have hospitals that are falling apart, but sure, blame the citizens for the cause of infections and...
  8. HumanShield

    Inside Lift's new aircraft

    3 Active and 4 in storage. It will definitely help with the rotation of aircraft when mechanical/technical issues do hit.
  9. HumanShield

    Inside Lift's new aircraft

    Looks like they've got a total fleet of 7 A320's. They're all quite old aircraft, roughly about 31 years old.
  10. HumanShield

    New alcohol proposals for South Africa include higher taxes and ‘minimum pricing’

    They're trying to legislate their way out of things again. Like someone else said. Nothing addresses the cause but the symptoms. Even if these laws do come into effect, the enforcement of these laws will be poor, just like the enforcement of the current laws.
  11. HumanShield

    How much money you need to earn to be in the richest 1% in South Africa

    The top 0.5%. That's where it's at.
  12. HumanShield

    Sygnia CEO says the ANC government sacrificed education and security to save SAA

    All according to plan. Keep the masses dumb and hungry and the votes will keep rolling in.
  13. HumanShield

    Quadcopter/Drone Thread

    Jeez how can people be so careless. One one side it's a little annoying that manufacturers put flight restrictions on drones and then you get incidents like this that justify it. Glad you're okay.
  14. HumanShield

    4,000 new Covid-19 cases in two days in South Africa – as concerns over second wave emerge

    Yeah. Exactly. No mention about how they did about 26k tests yesterday all of a sudden. Our hit rate is around the mid 7% I think, which is lower since the peak which was at 10%.
  15. HumanShield

    Covid-19: Big spike in excess deaths in South Africa

    It's funny because the NICD started reporting deaths in the past 24-48hrs and the numbers were very small, single-digit numbers. Together with those, they were reporting on past deaths which made it seem high. It just seems very strange
  16. HumanShield

    R10.5 billion under investigation for ‘Covidpreneur’ looting in South Africa

    Well smack my ass and call me Judy. I'm shocked this happened.
  17. HumanShield

    Chance of a second coronavirus wave in South Africa: Mkhize

    He quietly ramps up testing a few weeks ago. Good thing for us the hit rate is holding steady and not climbing even with the increase in testing numbers. Sounds like they're desperate to manufacture some kind of second wave.
  18. HumanShield

    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

    Any news on if if we can a Makro voucher and use it later?