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  1. DblD

    Axpert MKS 5Kva inverter firmware upgrade

    Heads up, This firmware patch for Axpert with LiFPO has been moved to release from beta, being 2019.
  2. DblD

    How to get any preformance out of Rain network with B618

    So folks, this has been very disappointing experience thus far. After investing in Huawai B618s-22d and connecting XPOL-6-10M to it, locating the cell tower validating its location confirming los at ~1km distance CELL_ID: 51235329 RSRQ: -10dB RSRP: -69dBm SINR: 2dB This is the...
  3. DblD

    LG x110 Netbook with build in 3g

    Got my self one of those 'toiny' netbook's. Now I'm trying to figure what is best solution for using its build in 3G card for internet connection. My situation is this... * have MTN contract, with secondary sim card linked to my primary account * netbook with build in 3g card, (think...