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  1. jannievanzyl

    Vintage Computer parts up for grabs - CPT Area

    We had quite a successful vintage computing open-garage day recently in JHB, with around 25 people coming around to pick up various bits and pieces. Got one now planned for the Mountain Goats on Saturday the 15th of December in Plattekloof. Again a shitload of XT, AT, 386, etc. motherboards...
  2. jannievanzyl

    Vintage Computers up for grabs - JHB Area

    For peeps in Jhb area into vintage PC stuff (XT onwards); I'm having an open garage in Sandton this coming Saturday morning where a large number of vintage PC systems, motherboards, cards, drives, keyboards, etc. are up for grabs. These were donated by one of the members here on MyBB so there...
  3. jannievanzyl

    Vintage Computers

    Anyone else here collecting vintage computers? Especially from the Home Computer era before the IBM PC became pervasive, i.e. from the 70's and 80's era. Still building my collection but have the following so far: - Ohio Superboard - Apple II - Vic 20 - Commodore 64 - Sinclair ZX80 -...