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    What does it take to get RAIN to attend to a request?

    After having signed up for the Black Friday special on Rain's 5G, it turned out that the service wasn't going to work for me, so I decided to return the router and cancel the subscription. It took a few tries (four) to contact the support team to get someone to actually phone me to arrange the...
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    Lawnmower blade bolt stuck

    Well, it turns out I've gone and bent my lawnmower blade. The only issue is the bolt that secures the blade is really, really stuck. Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get it loose? I've tried loosening it with a normal size 14 wrench and also a socket wrench...
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    Creative Cloud - All Apps Plan on Special

    Hi all, For those who are interested. Just noticed today that the Adobe Creative Cloud "All Apps" plan is currently on special until 1 March 2019. It is usually $52.99 per month, but now $29.99 which is quite significant. The Photography bundle (Lightroom, Photoshop and 20GB cloud space) is...
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    DSLRs not allowed - smartphones fine.

    Why do security guards always come running when they see someone taking pictures with a DSLR but they'll let hundreds of people snap pictures with smartphones?
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    Canon DSLR Repairs \ Cleaning?

    So it looks like I might have stuffed up the fresnel focusing screen of my EOS 750D a bit, and now some "streaks" or "scratches" appear when looking through the viewfinder. I suppose the damage is not too bad as it doesn't affect anything other than looking through the viewfinder - so I know...
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    Curious WIFI SSID issue (not urgent but puzzling...)

    I have a strange query related to my WIFI Setup at home. Firstly, the disclaimer to cover my own behind : my WIFI is managed by my ISP and as such I don't have admin rights or control over my router or WIFI configuration at all. Now, on the the observation. I have many devices from...
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    Photoshopping Services as a side income in South Africa?

    I'm a little curious... I see many online articles that suggest people can make a decent side income by offering photo editing and retouching services online. I might be missing the mark here, but in my experience the average person doesn't seem too keen to pay for a service like this -...
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    Renting lenses and camera gear?

    Hi all, Any recommendations for places \ shops \ websites to rent lenses and accessories from at a good price? In the Pretoria-Jhb area? I've seen a couple of websites and I'm tempted to try out renting equipment rather than selling major organs to buy new gear. I would probably try out a...
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    Wedding Photographers Equipment in South Africa?

    So I haven't been to a wedding in a while, and the last one I attended I wasn't particularly paying attention to the photographer's camera and equipment. Since then I've become more interested in photography and so I have invested in a DSLR, a few lenses, a few filters and so on, and been...
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    Where to get a Tripod mount adapter for Smartphone in South Africa?

    I've been looking for an adapter to mount my iPhone 6S on Velbron Tripod that I typically use with camcorders and point and shoot \ ultra zoom \ dslr cameras. Obviously the shoe that comes with the tripod fits just about every normal camera and camcorder, but it seems most tech and photography...
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    Level-7 Speed Issues?

    Anyone else having drops in connection speed with Level-7 lately? Last week I noticed the problem, did a few tests and realised I was only achieving around 2mbps on my 4mpbs connection. I reported the issue and it was sorted out pretty quickly, but now I seem to be having the same issue again...
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    The evils of Estate Agents and Ending Rental Agreements

    Hi, Recently, we bought a house and ended our rental agreement with a certain estate agency as we took residence in our newly purchased house. As part of the process, an agent did an inspection of the townhouse we rented and noted that the carpets were dirty - in my and my wife's opinion...
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    How long to activate phone line?

    Moving to a new house at the end of the month. The house does have a phone line, but I would assume I would need to (re)activate the line once we have moved in. Once that is done, I intend to apply for an ADSL line \ data combo - probably from Axxess. In 2016, how long does Telkom usually take...
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    Moved to new address, now there's no decent data coverage?

    In summary : I have moved from one part of Pretoria, to a different suburb which happens to be quite centrally located, close to malls, community centers and other amenities. It never occurred to me, to test mobile data speeds while looking at the house initially (does anyone check data coverage...
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    Have you calculated your daily commute?

    So I have always know the ball-park figure of money I spent on commuting to work and back home, but never really worked out the daily rate until today. This includes petrol, E-toll, Gautrain ticket and Gautrain parking, have not put a figure to "wear and tear" on the vehicle though... and it...