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  1. Easter Bunny

    South African hospitals warn of holiday season COVID-19 surge

    how come we can beat the virus in restaurants, but not anywhere else? /s
  2. Easter Bunny

    New evidence reveals how EOH bankrolled the ANC

    another piece of fraud pops out of eoh... it must be <insert day of the week>.
  3. Easter Bunny

    Government reaffirms 30% Netflix local content quota

    netflix: "ok, we'll load 30 local items and cut their catalog down to 100 items in total"
  4. Easter Bunny

    Have your say about new SABC TV licence fees for Netflix

    i'll willingly get a tv licence when they can prove that they can run the sabc properly. at the moment they're making huge losses and paying board members millions in salaries and bonuses. no thanks, i'll hang on to my money.
  5. Easter Bunny

    DStv's biggest threat

    they'll have to invest heavily in updating their streaming service, because having to constantly refresh the page because "something went wrong" is not how it's meant to be done. watching live sport with that issue, plus the buffering and the potato-d resolution is not fun.
  6. Easter Bunny

    The Bitcoin craze is back in the spotlight

    i put in some money about 2 or so years ago and lost most of it through bad trades (not money i'll miss and i knew the risks), then with only a couple hundred left i bought when it was 90k and then sold when it got to 220k (thought it would crash again). obviously wished i held out a bit longer...
  7. Easter Bunny

    Nedbank credit card users receive "sneaky charges"

    i've been charged R23 per month for greenbacks since march, which should have been included in my account when i upgraded it. i've asked them 4 times and every time they've said it will be sorted out. but every month i still get charged.
  8. Easter Bunny

    SA has a backlog of 320,000 driver’s licences - And it is caused by corrupt officials

    oh well, looks like there's nothing that can be done about it.
  9. Easter Bunny

    Petrol price decrease expected for November

    "big" - i was expecting over R1
  10. Easter Bunny

    Takealot Black Friday sale announced

    "was R6599, now R6549"
  11. Easter Bunny

    SABC to launch its own streaming services

    in much the same way that i'll be in direct competition with ernie els if i started playing golf again.
  12. Easter Bunny

    Major phone tracking revelation in top cop’s assassination

    WASPs are literally just doing what they want.
  13. Easter Bunny

    New SA traffic laws will be "too frightening to imagine" - Expert

    how about they enforce the current traffic laws first, then create new ones? every day i in fourways i'm either avoiding people driving over red lights, or watching people ignore red lights. once had a taxi do a u-turn at a red robot while i was turning into the same road and i was hooting at...
  14. Easter Bunny

    South African tech companies paying the biggest salaries – And what their CEOs earn

    i always find it amazing that they'll start laying off employees to cut costs, but the ceo earns millions. i also doubt that any of the people in a vodacom/cellc shop at the mall earn R549000 to R861000, which makes their layoffs vs ceo salary even more ridiculous.
  15. Easter Bunny

    This free coding course could bag you a starting salary of R240,000

    no info on what the course is? now you got the peanut gallery out here arguing that <insert garbage language> is better than <insert other garbage language> when we all know that php is the greatest language the world will ever see. *sits back and watches mybb forum burst into flames*
  16. Easter Bunny

    Vodacom and MTN location-based data linked to assassination scandal

    what's that? south african corporations giving away all access to our data and it being leaked online/misused for crime again? oh well, there's nothing anyone can do about it, so we'll just have to put up with it. can't stop the banks or cell companies.
  17. Easter Bunny

    The plan to force ISPs to crack down on piracy in South Africa

    the way i see it they have two choices: - end region restrictions so that we can get hulu, the full netflix, etc - accept piracy