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    Replacing till slips with digital receipts - Woolworths and Checkers respond

    Exactly what RedViking say They just want your contact details Bought an item at Computer Mania Tyger Valley Wanted my email to send receipt - I declined and ask for printed copy - was told can't do printed version I ranted about being a computer shop and no printer ! Anyway gave them a...
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    How to import from the US

    Thanx for the very detailed explanation and example Bookmarked that article
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    Flight Simulator 2020

    Overberg to Cape Town in Cirrus SR 22
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    Setting up second wifi router

    I followed this guide for old router - works great as repeater
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    Best Linux 2020

    There is a reason why MX Linux is the no. 1 distro on Distro Watch for the past 18 months Try it and let it speak for it self
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    Samsung 24 Inch Monitor replacement stand (PN: BN96-39309B)

    If you don't come right, try a VESA bracket - plenty of those around for tv
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    Telegram Hits 400 Million Users

    You know WhatsApp? You know all those features that you ask for and they don't give you? Well they are available in Telegram plus a whole lot more. Except none of your friends and family will be on it......;-)
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    Where to watch free streaming TV online?

    Gone in 26 minutes since your post - copy infringement
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Moroccan Chicken & Cous Cous
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    Chris Hani killer Janusz Walus to undergo further psychotherapy

    Victor'Justice The winning side decides who are the war criminals
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    Citroen Ami - affordable e-mobility for Euroland

    This could be a game changer for urban transport - love the design
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    MeerKAT - SA can be proud

    Can we just celebrate this project for once ........
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    MeerKAT - SA can be proud

    How South Africa built one of the world's most advanced telescopes
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    Zorin OS thoughts

    Also running Zorin Lite - So impressed with the looks and performance An easy choice if you migrating from Windows focussing on Browsers and Office Suite I find the OnlyOffice suite in the software repository closer to MS Office than Libre Office Also no compatibility issues with MS files
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    I've started a blog :)

    Nice start ! good luck
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    Zorin OS thoughts

    Stuck Zorin Lite on laptop for student Made the theme and layout look as close to Win 7 as possible Comes with Firefox and added Chrome - using Gmail here Uninstalled Libre Office and put Open Office Linux on it - looks closer and behave closer to MS Office Suite Even named the desktop shortcuts...
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Got the Miui 11 update on my Mi Max 2 today OS feels snappier and battery life is even better ! Two year old phone good for another 2 years ;-)
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    Mortymoose's Weber & Buitebraai Offerings to the HO's Gods! - The Resurrection

    Would that be "Sunday Morning Coming Down" ....Ray Stevens version ? Will claim a famous Moose point ;-)
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    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    same, went to Pink House branch in Durbanville today - what a let down Not sure if officially open, very new shop, but one error on the next Not impressed if training is on my money
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    Great software which makes your life much easier

    Man, do I love this utility ....byte for byte the best And Faststone for images - the editing part is so underrated If you don't need Photoshop - perfect for any job