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    Dossier fingers top cop (Paul O'sullivan at it again) This man has my respect. I do not know if I would have the courage to stand up to groups like this and persevere with my investigations.
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    Neotel prime connection monitor software

    Hi there. While ago i got me stinky little paws on a piece of software called Axesstel pst evdo. From what i can make of it it's not the same as the one that Ushir posted a while ago and it's quite useful to monitor your connection to the neotel towers. I went from passively just having my...
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    Neotel and their deposit.

    So two mornings ago I filled in an application telephonically to have a neotel prime uncapped service. My area has superb apparent connection to the network so i was quite chuffed. The rep on the other side then proceded to do a quick credit check. The program returned that I was declined by...