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    Samsung's "Call and text on other devices"

    Hey guys Has anyone got an idea which samsung watches support this? Has anyone tried making/receiving calls while a watch is connected to a WiFi network and the phone is neither connected via wifi/Bluetooth?
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    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 128GB DS + Jabra Elite 65e ANC Neckband

    Item: S20 Ultra Dual Sim (Grey) + Samsung Kickstand Cover + Spigen Kickstand Cover Contract or Cash phone: Contract Dual sim / Single Sim: Dual Age: 6 months Price: R13500 Warranty: Yes, with carbonite reseller (POP available) Packaging: Original with original charger Condition: As new Location...
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    Easy Pay

    Does anyone know how this will work for all mobile networks (say you want to pay till your end of contract date) assuming of course you don't go over your monthly limit. Will a debit be kept on your profile and they'll credit each month?
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    MTN Business

    Anyone had luck getting through to MTN business? Been trying to get a multi sim company contract and have had no luck getting through to them for some time now. Even tried the contact me form.
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    Moving during Level 4 Lockdown

    I have used the search function but maybe not correctly, in any case can anyone point/advise me in the right direction regarding what is allowed in terms of moving from one town to another (not province) for work and moving into a new rental? Appreciate any assistance.
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    S20 Range WiFi Calling

    Hey guys. Has anyone tried cell c's wifi calling on a vodacom (xfv) branded s20 ultra?
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    LG G8x ThinQ Dual Screen + Plantronics Voyager Edge + 128GB Microsd

    Item: LG G8X ThinQ + Dual Screen cover + Phone cover + (Plantronics Voyager Edge (Black colour) & Charging Case). Also have some glass and plastic screen protectors for the phone +128 GB microsd card Contract or Cash phone: Contract - Vodacom Dual sim / Single Sim: Single Sim Age: Phone: Around...
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    What type of insect/bed bugs are these

    Hey guys, really hoping someone can assist with wth this is. They are 100s/1000s in the room.
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    S8 Plus 64gb Dual Sim + 128GB Samsung SD Card + Spigen Kickstand + Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Bundle Price at R4700

    Item: S8+ 64GB Dual SIM + Plantronics Voyager Edge (Charging Bundle) +128GB SD Card + Spigen kick stand Case. Dual sim / Single Sim: Dual Age: 1 year and 2-3months. Plantronics 2-3 years if I'm not mistaken Price: R4700 Warranty: None, imported. Packaging: All original, original cable +...
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    Galaxy Gear Buds

    Item name: Galaxy Gear Buds SM-R170 Age and condition: New, unopened. Came as a promotion with contract. Manufacturing date 12/04/2019. Local stock. Do you include packaging: Yes original sealed. Warranty: Yes, can send back to me and will take it up with supplier. Reason for selling: Not needed...
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    Mybroadband Push Notifications

    Has anyone been having troubling receiving push notifications from mybroadband? I've had issues on Oreo and Pie from Samsung Phones and the app is not being restricted in any way.
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    Generic Cartridges

    Good day Has anyone tried genericcartridges . Coza? Are they reliable?
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    Redmi Note 4 Vodacom Branded

    Howzit guys? Need help with unblocking the dual sim part of the Note 4? It has 2 IMEI numbers but I can only use one sim at a time. Would flashing it with the latest global rom be sufficient?
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    VoLTE on Top Up contract.

    Howzit guys. Recently changed my prepaid vodacom number to a top up data contract. My VoLTE (and vowifi) which had been working, stopped working. I've phoned the call center and for some reason they weren't able to get VoLTE activated (but had it escalated). If I understand correctly, maybe...
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    Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Dual Sim

    Age: 10 Months Warranty: None-From Overseas Packaging: Original Box will be provided Condition: As new, well looked after. No scratches. Location: Centurion Reason: Unneeded Shipping: On buyer Collection: Meet in Centurion Price: R2600
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    Cell C's Wi-Fi calling on non Samsung and iOS phones

    Howzit guys? Anyone have experience with buying a Huawei (that supports Cell's Wi-Fi calling) from another network? Can I just place the Cell C sim in it and factory reset the phone? Will the relevant cell c software update be pushed to the phone? I know Samsung is carrier specific as they...
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    VoLTE and Vowifi down?

    Hey guys, it happens randomly and sometimes I don't know if it's down on Vodacom's side or something is wrong on myside. Can anyone confirm if their VoLTE and Vowifi is down?
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    Cell C Easy Chat Tarrif

    Can the cell c representative clarify if the easy chat tarrif includes mega bonus, because according to your website: "EasyChat We know the way you use your phone has changed with Facebook, WhatsApp and surfing the web. That’s why we at Cell C have added even more value for prepaid data...
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    Gaming Laptop with easy to get spare parts in South Africa

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can advise on a good gaming laptop that has a removable battery and has easy to get spare / replacement parts here in South Africa. It's not for very long sessions of gaming but more like for multimedia and work use and occasional gaming few times a week. With a...