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    Have your say about new SABC TV licence fees for Netflix

    indeed. sabc should charge a subscription service, they can even call it a ..."tv licence" ...
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    US Election 2020 - The Result

    this might be valid in a different reality, but there is a tysonroux posting here, who alone counters your argument..
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    Penguin Random House Staff Confront Publisher About New Jordan Peterson Book

    lol wasnt @ghoti posting stuff about deplatforming or cancel culture not too long ago. heres another example he claims does not happen.
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    US Election 2020 - The Result

    it really looks like that most of the time. the amount of energy spent over the past few years, to vilifying someone, is probably record setting tbh. meanwhile it does not seem he was all that worse at his job than their other leaders. are there a lot of americans or people that live in...
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    Stop wearing camouflage, military warns after shop owner arrested for 'illegally selling uniforms'

    official south african defence force clothing/uniforms should be distinct, clearly marked and controlled. strictly available only to those that serve in their respective roles. also an "honorary person"(which does not exist in our ruling government) did not earn the right to wear this clothing...
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    South African students will get an extra 5% for 3 subjects to stop them failing

    instead of pushing these students through to the next year, remove them from the normal schools and place them in special or practical schools. clearly they are not learning anything and they are detrimental to those that can learn. but, this would require government to care or actually do...
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    Top Mpumalanga ANC man arrested for alleged rape of 7-year-old twin daughters

    forking lol. get accused of saying a bad word and the government media accounts are abuzz with outrage and scorn. justice is expedited. get accused of raping two 7 year old daughters and the government says, "eh.., what can you do? go back to work" terrible people.
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    Government reaffirms 30% Netflix local content quota

    if the sabc could do its job, this would not be an issue. still incapable of doing its job, it is trying to make others do its job for it.
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    no login screen shown, win 10

    yeah no... copy data off and reinstall windows
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    The key to reviving international travel may be "COVID passports"

    ...yup. the first of many..?
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    The DA is in total crisis.

    no dude keep up, you are getting confused with your own arguments. you related apartheid to murder and wife beating so i followed your trend and said its like a hiding. i was born just long ago enough to know a lot of apartheid things being told today is a lie. even your cic has said things...
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    3 handsets connected to voip base station over WiFi

    the wifi phones would need support from the sip provider to allow simultaneous ringing, or call forking as another has mentioned. the dect phones are not sip provider dependent for them to ring at the same time, you configure it on the base piece
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    Fraudulent call?

    is adsl login sharing still a thing? i thought it was tied to the phone number/line now. change your email password. change your internet password. change your wifi password. then change all other passwords.
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    School probed over ’no black teachers’

    :ROFL: so a racial group as a minority and criminals as a minority, is the same thing. i see.
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    Popcru calls Malema SAPS comments 'irresponsible threats'

    not that i know of. i reckon it caught alight itself, earlier pics show it starting under the hood...
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    Popcru calls Malema SAPS comments 'irresponsible threats'

    lets hope one day, a close family member of yours is not tortured, murdered then hung up on display for all to see. how many burning police vans are your loved ones worth.
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    The DA is in total crisis.

    or just to be otherwise, because. its like getting a hiding as a child, then later realising it was for your own good. samesame ;)
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    3 handsets connected to voip base station over WiFi

    yes the base piece controls the handsets. there is a matrix where you select which handset rings with which sip account. you can select all handsets to ring with a single sip account. remember. these are dect phones, cordless phones that connect to a dect base station. a wifi phone connects...
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    School probed over ’no black teachers’

    yup, most people know its nonsense and closed minded, but there are always the odd ones out. im not saying this is exclusively to one side, im just mentioning it because this outjie reminds me of people like that. there are assholes in all cracks of society.