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    MTN Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Huawei P40 pro 5G mobile Connect to our 5G network and enjoy fast connectivity at home or on the go. Average speed: 50Mbps Maximum speed: up to 500Mbps Unlock possibilities with 5G. Whether it’s to help gamers make virtual a reality, for businesses to operate at the speed of new...
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    Coronavirus was already in Italy by December, waste water study shows

    I also believe it was in SA in Dec already. Had a friend that got very sick after visiting Sun city in Dec. Got antibiotics and it did not wortk, went back to doc for a second round. About 2 weeks later it cleared. Apparently there were Chinese people at sun city, so no matter where the...
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    Do you support a national lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus?

    Yeah luckily we have a big home and a garden and each their own room. But yeah started to divorce and then corona came, now we both stuck under 1 roof.
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    Where you are based for the 21-day lockdown?

    Home. with children already snarling. Working. Trying to make through lock down with to be (corona has ^&** my life) ex.
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    Where you are based for the 21-day lockdown?

    That is nice - the safe walks at night.
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    Where you are based for the 21-day lockdown?

    Wolkskool for free till 30 Jun. for gr 4-12
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    Are you prepared for the 21-day national lockdown?

    You gonna shower cold... But jokes aside, I have at least a dentist that will be open everyday for EMERGENCIES only. Podiatrist, Orthodontists, who knows. Apparently lawyers are not an essential service - should be since we would rather be dead then married in lock down.
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    Do you support a national lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus?

    I support the lockdown. As for me and my family we are between a rock and a hard place. Emotionally it is gonna be hard.
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    Gauteng will be closed. The question is when?

    WTF man. LOL Have you seen what has happened on this planet since November 2019. Head in sand much? I have to agree with you many people are going on as usual - not self isolating. I lost a family member in 2009 to swine flu which was not nearly as deadly. But I got lambasted by my...
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    Vodacom gave me someone's number and made my pay to change it!

    What I want to know is which of the 3 cellphone companies can give me a specific cell number. I have dialled the number over the years, the number is not in use, but they always say they can not give me the number. Can any of you techies help? The number starts with 081*
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    Dear Rain

    Guess you never been a Telkom customer.
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    Two-Day Giveaway with Great Prizes – Enter Now

    May be AI can be used to protect our rhinos... Identifying snow leopards with AI Camera traps capture hundreds of thousands of photos of snow leopards in the wild. Spotting well-camouflaged leopards within these photos is a labor-intensive task that AI can accomplish in minutes. Azure Machine...
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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    Makazole - that psychological moment - after the first try it is almost impossible to continue.. England was really sure they were gonna win. Makazole's try really did it to them. The whole SA team played beautifully, thanks guys.
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    What should be done to fix Eskom?

    I think that they should systematically retrain their technical staff to do solar installations and wind installations and then make every new dwelling in SA a compulsory solar installation that can be totally independent, and then start in the rural areas where there is no electricity and start...
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    Do you think humans will land on Mars by 2030?

    No, I think funding and as it is USA and China already fighting over REM metals - which I am sure will e a big component in such a venture. Anyhow I think scientists should rather put effort into cleaning the mess that is earth and supply us all with food, shelter, water and clothing than some...
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    What is the worst gadget you have ever bought?

    An electric popcorn maker- that popcorn tasted s... Also a nail dryer was like a fridge to fingers. And a diffuser - I hoped my straight hair would somehow hold a perm one day. Clothes for my daughter some stuff she never wore. (Has her own taste).
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    How can your company improve your working conditions?

    They can greet. Also more flexi time or work from home - insane to have all this office space when people (most of them) can work from home.
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    Fibre - just a quick couple of questions?

    Thank you. It helps a lot.
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    What is your monthly usage and ISP?

    We used to have only Axxess - 100 g for R 530 Then got rain for R 250 and added that with axxess of R 219 for 20 G. the 20G is for evening use and runs out in about a week. No idea how much we use.