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    R2 000 000 savings, zero income, age 60 - how should he plan?

    @maumau Yes, S.A. passport. Currently living in Europe, but costs definitely too high when he loses his income, so he'll have to move. Returning to S.A. seems like the more know-able, research-able option. Perhaps he'd be open for suggestions of other countries, please, if they could be better...
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    FNB credit card customers left with zero balance and declined payments due to ‘FICA glitch’
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    Your best investment advice for someone just starting out

    Money questions that marrying couples should tackle Article by Gareth Collier, 4th August 2020 From our experience, tensions about money often arise because couples haven’t taken the time to...
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    R2 000 000 savings, zero income, age 60 - how should he plan?

    Thank you, everyone, for these first ideas. I'm going to look at them all, and will come back later with replies to the questions you've raised. Very much appreciate the input so far.
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    R2 000 000 savings, zero income, age 60 - how should he plan?

    We're part of an ongoing round of discussions with one of our friends, and his friends and helpers. He has a number of disabilties and is approaching retirement age. So far, he's managed to get by, renting, on an income substitution insurance, but has been advised that this will cease next year...
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    Anyone had brain surgery before?

    Really sorry to hear that you're going to have to have more treatment. Oh, noooo. How've you been feeling this week, back at home?
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    Offer to purchase question

    What difference would it make to FNB if the foreign wife (who is not earning and therefore also not contributing to the household income upon which the bond affordability is calculated) left and went back home?
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    Cape Town woman handed 10-year suspended sentence for human trafficking

    A mere 10 years, after all that? And wholly suspended for 5 years, nogal.
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    "Something sinister" may be causing driver’s licence renewal problems

    If one must go with the system of renewals (though why?!) then the decision of which slots will be allocated to new applications and which to renewals could/should be made not by a human but by an algorithm, surely?
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    Why the FNB app needs your location data for payments

    Assumed compromised, and therefore blocked? Great feature for going on a business trip or a holiday on the other side of the country, then?
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    Durban widow homeless after being scammed by an estate agent

    From that article: Heather Sudding, Tyson Properties administrator, said: “It is with deep regret that we were made aware of the alleged fraudulent acts of Marti O'Reilly, when it was too late to intervene as she had left the company.” That seems to imply that Tyson has no liability, now, for...
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    Pause for a moment and snap a quick pic - The Mobile Photography Thread

    Did you take the picture down? Interesting title.
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    Offer to purchase question

    Here's wishing you lotsa sleep tonight, wtg, and a happy home!
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    Dimension Data taken to court over allegedly paying black former executive less than colleagues

    Suggestions (or dreams!!!), for example: Maths teachers and tutors. Toilets in schools. Clinics. Toilets in clinics. Maths and proper functioning IT in Home Affairs. Maths and working staff in the Post Office. Budgetting skills for children, parents, teachers and especially for managers and...
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    Offer to purchase question

    Yes, it is valid, as an Offer To Purchase. It first contains only one signature, that of the person offering to purchase. Once the seller signs, too, the OTP ceases to be merely an offer, and immediately becomes the contract of sale/purchase. The part I don't understand is how a purchaser can...
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    Offer to purchase question

    That is, indeed, super-weird. The property has a tenant in it, and she has a seemingly undefined number of sub-tenants (to whom she has responsibilities, just as the owner has responsibilities to her). She says she has somewhere to go, but she has no shelter there, and no money to buy bricks...
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    Offer to purchase question

    Yes, if they don't have a place to move to, this is, indeed, the owner's problem. The new owner takes on the problems of the previous owner. However, it seems rather a large leap to say that a clause in an OTP, which is a usual and normal kind of clause, could invalidate an OTP just because of...
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    Offer to purchase question

    If I've understood it correctly, "occupation" means getting the key, and acquiring the full rights to use the property. If there are tenants in place, then these "rights to use the property" includ the new owner's same rights that he previous owner had, i.e. collecting rent from the existing...
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    Correlation between C-section and Depression

    Levels of coginitive function and ability to read may or may not follow a certain trend for children (and into adulthood) born by C-section. However, no automatic causality can be deduced in every nor in any individual case. The expression "cut out of the womb" indicates a bias. Besides...