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    budget friendly android phones

    Hi, Looking to spent max of 3500 on a smartphone , so far the 1 phone that stands out for me is the Xiaomi Redmi 7 64GB at R2999.What other options do you recommend ?
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    Move RA

    Hi, I currently have 2 RA's (1 with Coronation and 1 with Allan Gray).I want to move the funds from Coronation into the Allan Gray RA , as both RA's have very similar assest allocations.Has anybody done this before ?
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    ASUS DSL-N12E vs D-Link DSL-G225

    Hi, Which of the following 2 routers/modems are better.The device will be setup in modem/Bridge mode so dont care about the wireless/routing/firewall functionality.Just want it for the adsl performance.note: will not be using VDSL but adsl.Also not worried about the price either. Thanks.
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    .rapid ransomware

    Hi, As per the title does anybody know of a decryptor tool for this virus ?
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    airport shuttle service - Durban

    Hi, Which airport shuttle service do you recommend for dropping off people at King Shaka ?
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    Hi, Has anybody purchased online from Incredible Connection online ? How reliable is it ?
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    rental deposit

    Question ... Ive been renting at a specific place for the past 11 months.the current lease agreement is between myself and the estate agent.Now i will be staying on for another year , but myself and the landlord have agreed to not use the estate agent for the renewal.Now how does it work for...
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    NeoSmart 100

    Hi, Has anybody used the NeoSmart 100.Looking for a low cost voip for myself only.How is voice quality ? Thanks
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    NeoSmart 100

    Hi, Has anybody used the NetSmart 100.Looking for a low cost voip for myself only.How is voice quality ? Thanks
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    HDMI 2.0 cables

    Is it just me or are HDMI 2.0 cables difficult to find online ? Iam surprised that most of the online IT shops dont sell these cables.
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    Cat5e cca flyleads

    Does anybody know if its normal for flyleads/patchleads to be made made using CCA ?
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    veeam offsite/cloud backups

    Hi, Iam looking at implementing cloud backups.We currently use veeam onsite , and would like the veeam backups copied to the cloud.So far the only guys i know that are doing this in SA is vox...