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  1. HartsockZA

    Petrol price drop expected in December - AA

    Well it did for me. Whole house uses diesel ha ha
  2. HartsockZA

    Workday Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash - Enter here

    Financial management, I have started my own business and often I come across the thought that I need some way to keep track of it all than what I currently have setup. Someways for my billing software to communicate via API to the financial management suite would help me keep track of who and...
  3. HartsockZA

    South African hospitals warn of holiday season COVID-19 surge

    Meh couldn't give a damn anymore. Virus take me or not I gotta put food on the table.
  4. HartsockZA

    Any ISPs that work with

    Yea to pay another network operator kinda sucks, especially for this ftta. and they don't really look open at all. No ways your complex can kick em out? I know already of a few complexes in the East of pretoria that fell for this type of deployment now they stuck with the likes of voda fiber for...
  5. HartsockZA

    New Spotify Premium deal launched

    Been with Spotify for 2 years. Now on their family plan and everyone is loving it R100pm for 6 people oh hell yes
  6. HartsockZA

    Study claims SA COVID-19 deaths much higher than official number

    Bs stats, when a person dies from a car crash they label it as a covid 19 so ggf
  7. HartsockZA

    Nedbank credit card users receive "sneaky charges"

    I have these charges as well since the day I got my credit card with Nedbank. I get on average 3-4 charges on the card it absolutely insane. edit: never got a refund of those charges, ever.
  8. HartsockZA

    The proposed regulatory changes government wants to make that will affect DStv and Netflix

    Government still hasn't learned a thing from Etolls
  9. HartsockZA

    Level 7 - Wisp or Fibre provider?

    Nope, sorry not gonna win this fight that is not ftth no matter how you connect that network up.
  10. HartsockZA

    Vodacom network down

    Same here, Pretoria East side
  11. HartsockZA

    Do you say 'Thank you' to Siri?

    But we are stupid anyways Haha
  12. HartsockZA

    Do you say 'Thank you' to Siri?

    It was either going to be a robot vacuum or a siri. I bought the vacuum instead
  13. HartsockZA

    Level 7 - Wisp or Fibre provider?

    I think the OP did mention that it likes going down and wanted everyone opinion if you could call that ftth and charge at that level.
  14. HartsockZA

    Level 7 - Wisp or Fibre provider?

    Yea I'll agree with you that is not FTTH or at least fiber in its true form. How cheeky I always refer clients to them if I can't provide. Very strange
  15. HartsockZA

    SA now has more unemployed people than those getting a paycheque

    Thx to SA government and the Chinese. For the ability to doom us all.
  16. HartsockZA

    Level 7 - Wisp or Fibre provider?

    Sounds like they are using a netPower from Mikrotik. So fiber terminates to their box unit and from that unit they rebroadcast from that station to everyone in the complex? What complex is this? area? But to answer your question they can probably call it FTTH if from that point they primarily...
  17. HartsockZA

    SA has a backlog of 320,000 driver’s licences - And it is caused by corrupt officials

    The fish was this big when it slapped me in the...
  18. HartsockZA

    E-toll decision delay is now costing all of South Africa

    Good I hope they choke on all that debt, I ain't paying for nothing.