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    Keys? Info Needed!

    These are machine keys I need a spare set for. Duplicating them in Durban has proved difficult. I have visited a few locksmiths with this request. Some say they don't have the machine to do the job , and those who do say the template keys come from China and they don't have any. Do you know of...
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    Banner Design - Advice?

    Hi Guys I don't know if anyone would be interested in this small job , but I have a 2m x 0.85m banner (pull up) that I need some custom design for. Currently I have 1. A PSD mockup I did myself in the correct size. 2. Layers with a background I liked the look of , text , and images that...
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    Kruger Rand

    I'm looking to buy a 1oz or 1/2oz kruger rand. Any year is fine. Will pay market rates + small markup , but not the price charged by typical agents. Located in Durban. Please PM me if you are looking to unload one.
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    SALE : Crypto ATM | Durban | Lamassu Douro Two Way

    Item name (be very descriptive):Crypto ATM Age and condition: 2yrs. As New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Business partners business change Price: R140,000 Negotiable: Not really Location: Durban , La Lucia Mall Shipping or collection: Delivery. Item doesn't...
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    Hi Guys I have owned this domain for many many years. I've moved on from the internet marketing business and no longer really use it. The site used to generate some revenue (a couple thousand a month) but now generates very little. Its paying for itself (maybe R1000 per year). Not inclined to...
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    Upstream Power Redundancy Question

    We have Vumtel fiber in our neighborhood and are connected to it through WebAfrica. Its a home service. I have a small server cabinet that is rigged with a UPS. UPS runs about 3 hrs with current equipment. I have pulled the fiber line into the cabinet and the POE/Fiber converter runs off the...