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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions

    Don't be that guy, needing a tooth pulled or worked on because its infected and can do more damage is not cosmetic.
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    What does a lockdown mean for residential complexes?

    Lol its awesome to see some simply talking in black and white, I can't wait to hear those same people talking about their relationships and mental health going down the drain because the stayed in their 4 walls, not walking in their own garden because someone "might" cough on them for 21 days ;)
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    Esports Racing? Would like to find out more. Anyone here that can comment.

    Howzit man, Yip I agree with Dust52 completely, come pop over to Simracesa. Between the guys we are on just about all the different sims and you should find what you looking for. When you have a chance jump onto Discord (link on the website) and come say hi, the guys will get you up and running...
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Douglasdale Fibre Provider: Vumatel Package: 20Mbps Uncapped
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    New Webafrica Network Migration

    Thanks, replied ;)
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    New Webafrica Network Migration

    So after multiple calls by line still does not have an internet connection. Support phoned, did troubleshooting, said all looks fine, would add my account to some batch that would migrate me again or something and still waiting. Call was made on Tuesday and nothing yet. Ticket has been open...