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    Wordpress JQuery Smooth-scroll help needed please.

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'm hoping some mastermind takes pity on me and provides me with a solution! Backstory - I created a one page Wordpress site about 2 years ago by googling for solutions/videos and after a week or two I then got it to work...
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    Humble Till POS

    Does anyone have experience with the Humble Till POS system? I'm opening a retail store and after doing some research Humble Till looks like an easy solution for someone who is inexperienced but I'm not 100% sure!
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    Painting suspended / drop ceiling

    Hi guys, I need to have the ceiling of a retail store painted, the style of the suspended ceiling makes the space look like an office. Initially I was going to buy a 20l bucket of White Plascon PVA paint and go crazy on the ceiling but after a few google searches and youtube videos it seems one...
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    DIY Self-catering Accommodation

    I have a 4 bedroom house that I'm not living in and don't want to sell. There is also a second dwelling on the premises ("granny flat"). Would it be possible to convert the main house into two separate units and then have three self-catering units to rent out? I know there are various...
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    2016 end-of-year rugby union internationals

    Glad this year is over...
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    Super Rugby 2017

    Only watched one game in whole 2016 season, compared to about 3 per weekend in previous years, so I guess in 2017 I'll watch zero till they change the format.
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    2016 end-of-year rugby union internationals

    Anyone else still have the Bok Babbelas?
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    2014 Kia Rio 1.2 Hatchback - Better than a demo! [S]

    Item name: 2014 Kia Rio 1.2 Hatchback Age and condition: Private sale. Only ever driven by one careful owner instead of thousands of test drivers. Just like new, inside and outside – unbelievably excellent condition. Purchased brand new Oct 2014. Washed and polished personally by hand every...
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    2016 end-of-year rugby union internationals

    Back pain during the week, Bok pain over the weekend. I'm ready for some more.... :(
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    Super Rugby 2017

    Isn't "Kiwi" these days considered synonymous with being a great coach? Everybody certainly seems to look for Kiwi coaches.
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    Rugby Championship 2016

    So true :D :D
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    Rugby Championship 2016

    If you look at Jake White and Eddie Jones when they join a new struggling team, there IS something like a quick fix, the problem is not everybody has the ability to do it. South African players have the talent, somebody should just teach them some basic skills and give them an actual gameplan...
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    Super Rugby 2017

    At least someone says it like it is.
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    Super Rugby 2017

    Super Rugby 2017 will be another snore fest, unless they make some drastic changes! Could hardly get myself to watch 5 full games this season. The new format is horrible!! I read this article with an interesting angle on how to fix it, if it's not too late already. "How to save Super Rugby"...
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    Rugby Championship 2016

    Some great ideas here. We need a solution desperately before it's too late! (If it's not already?) "How South African Rugby can be saved"
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    2017 VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio

    These three popular hatchbacks for the middle-class masses have been released between 2009-2011 and are surely due for a replacement soon. My guesstimate is late 2016/early 2017 reveals and 2017 on showroom floors. Anybody have some factual info on this? - The only one with real spy shots...
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    Mobile payments with Airtime - List of Merchants/Products

    This thread is to create a comprehensive list of which merchants have a mobile airtime payment option (you pay with the airtime balance on your phone). On a continent with many non-banked individuals this is a viable alternative. Please include the name of the merchant/provider and which...
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    SAICAR Vehicle Purchasing Scheme

    Have any SAICA members here made use of the SAICAR vehicle purchasing scheme? I was wondering whether there is any real benefit or savings? This is the description which sounds quite promising: "The SAICAR Vehicle Purchasing Scheme assists members, trainees or associates, to genenerous...
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    Boku is Dead (in SA)

    I used to be able to purchase in-game items or games via the Boku payment method with airtime [at a ridiculous cost of like 50% but at least it was possible], but now it seems the powers that be have put a stop to this too! Boku support has confirmed the service is no longer available in SA. I'm...
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    Vodacom airtime transfer

    So apparently you can't transfer the monthly airtime that you pay for on a Vodacom Topup contract, only the airtime that you purchase additional to this. Does this make sense? Why can't I transfer my unused airtime for someone else to use? Anyone know if this is the same on the other networks...