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    MTN Business LTE

    I spotted this deal on offer from MTN, and it seems pretty good. I want to get it for my dad, and he would use it for streaming some Netflix and YouTube and general browsing etc. Has anyone got experience with these deals especially around the Work Express hours? Throttling issues? P2P working...
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    New Telkom ADSL Installation

    Dear MyBB Forum... Need some advice w.r.t a new ADSL line installation. I want to connect my mom's house with proper (uncapped) internet so she can get in to the world of streaming TV, and most importantly to cancel DSTV. At her address her only viable option is ADSL, and Telkom has confirmed...
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    Sapphire GPU Warranty

    Hi Guys, quick one. What is the warranty period on Sapphire GPU's distributed through Correx? This one specifically
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    App Store & Netflix

    Hi Guys After a break from Apple and only using Android for around 3 years or so I finally got myself an iPad Mini and I'm really happy being back! What a slick little tablet! Loving it... Anyway, I would really appreciate some help on an issue I'm having... I'm a Netflix customer via...
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    Motorola milestone running cm7 automatically playing music...

    Whenever i connect my earphones. Its very annoying and max volume, so i almost all ways hurt my ears. The music is always played through the native music app. Is there any way to switch this off???
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    MTN iPhone 4 guarantee

    Hi Guys Would anybody be able to confirm what the warrantee is on the iPone 4 on MTN? I remember that Vodacom only gave 1 year warrantee back when I got a 3G with them. My home button is on the way out and I am about to hit the 1 year mark. Thanks...
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    Post your custom IPhone themes...

    Paste a screenshot of your Winterboard themes here... Combination of Glasklart and a few other tweaks:
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    Tappatalk for iPad released...

    I know that there are people waiting for this, Tapatalk has finally gained iPad support with the 1.11 release. I'm typing this post on it right now and it seems to be working great!
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    Dead Space iPad

    Anybody digging Dead Space on the iPad? If you havent tried it yet I would highly recommend it!
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    Greenpois0n Rc5 for Windows released (4.2.1)

    I just downloaded the Windows version of Greenpois0n for ios 4.2.1, ran it over my Redsn0w tethered jailbreak and voila I now have a untethered jailbroken iPad running 4.2.1!
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    Tapatalk for iPad

    Hi guys, I finally decided to buy myself an ipad and I am looking for an app similar to Tapatalk. Currently you can only use the iPone version on the iPad and that does not work very well. Anybody out there discovered a similar app that is compatible with MB forum?
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    Ios 4.0 tethering and Vodacom carrier settings

    Hi guys has anybody experienced problems with tethering and the Vodacom carrier settings on ios 4.0 after a Jailbreak? I did a restore and set up as a new phone in itunes, the carrier settings updated once and changed to Vodacom 7.1 in 'about' I then proceded to jailbreak with Redsnow 9.5 and...