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  1. ghostbunny

    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    Literally the worst customer support I have ever seen. This on hold song is drilled into my head after an hour. Imagine activating the wrong sim, then being this bad at fixing it wowee. Supersonic making rain customer support look like pros.
  2. ghostbunny

    4G External Router/Antenna

    Xpol-6 from Poynting. You can pick them up from lots of vendors, I'm sure take a lot still has them. It's a directional antenna, so you'll have to figure out the best placement and position for it to point it to the tower with the clearest line of sight possible through trial and error, and...
  3. ghostbunny

    Unable to Dial PPPOE though any ISP

    Indeed! That, the reliability, and all that jazz that doesn't come with LTE 100% of the time.
  4. ghostbunny

    Unable to Dial PPPOE though any ISP

    @cavedog :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  5. ghostbunny

    Unable to Dial PPPOE though any ISP

    issue resolved by a tech being sent to the exchange, took around 10 days or something but we are good.
  6. ghostbunny

    External Antenna for Rain

    This depends on if you have a 2600TDD capable tower near you that you can LOS with that antenna. 1800 band is congested as hell.
  7. ghostbunny

    Is it possible to force 5G CPE to connect to a different tower?

    Which login credentials do you use for this "" ?
  8. ghostbunny

    New LTE Optimizer

    The tower that we connect to is far away, it just took a hell of a lot of tinkering with the placement of the xpol 6. Mounted it to a pretty tall bedside lamppost, put that outside on a tall desk, moving it a few cm in any direction has an effect on the performance. The 1800 tower we used to...
  9. ghostbunny

    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Sounds like a feature to me
  10. ghostbunny

    Bundu NetworkX

    @cavedog Help
  11. ghostbunny

    Unable to Dial PPPOE though any ISP

    This is my favourite post on this forum.
  12. ghostbunny

    Unable to Dial PPPOE though any ISP

    Just pretty strange how we can't even dial a connection even though the line is syncing fine.
  13. ghostbunny

    Unable to Dial PPPOE though any ISP

    I logged a ticket with WebAfrica, and they stated that according to telkom, their whole backend is affected by ransomware, and they can't do anything about it. It's very confusing, because my line is syncing perfectly, just unable to dial pppoe to any network, have tried vox, afrihost...
  14. ghostbunny

    Racist Magic: The Gathering cards banned, removed from database by publisher

    If they don't remove that, that is honestly the funniest most backward 10 ply move I've ever seen. Destroy all white creatures? Give your balls a tug Wizards...Maybe if you weren't 40 year old virgins you wouldn't have been such floppy wizards in the first place. Figure it out.
  15. ghostbunny

    Bundu NetworkX

    Weird, was up yesterday. Can see them on on Mitsol's page still.
  16. ghostbunny

    Bundu NetworkX

    Does anyone here have any experience with this ISP as a Fibre service provider?