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    Telkom Mobile - Malware / Adware Question

    Hi, a few days my PC started randomly popping up an internet explorer session to a website called wartune r2games. MalwareBytes, and AdwCleaner did not remove this little thing. I decided to format given it's easy for me as all my data is structurally simple. A full format that is, so...
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    iPhone 4 prices

    Yep iPhone 4S is a a big improvement - I suppose buying a 4 right now would really sort of create buyer's remorse after one witnesses first-hand the advancements on the 4S. I'd like to correct you though, regarding the pricing of the 4S from importers. As a co-owner of - I'll...
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    iPhone 4 prices

    Hi Spizz, Apple iPhone 4S is apparently getting its official South African debut on 16th December - it'd be a tad bit pointless getting the iPhone 4 now - only two weeks on a much more interesting product.
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    WIFI Boosting HELP

    Hi people - need some advise on improving WIFI signal throughout an office building. I have put together a diagram of what I'm looking for - and doing countless of Google searches could not find such a device. I've seen repeaters and bridges but nothing quite for what I'm looking for, so...
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    Iphone 4 cash price

    Pleasant Surprise! Much appreciated 3p1c - thanks for the support! Regards, Yaseen