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    Paying water and lights as a tenant - request to see utilities bill?

    Hiya all Quick question, we moved into a house and renting for next few months. We are to pay for the water and lights as per the lease agreement, home owner sent us the amount for water and lights. Are we allowed to ask the owners to send us the bills for water and lights, to make sure we are...
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    Hobby electric train sets

    Howzit! So I have wanted to get a proper train set, from the likes of Hornby or Lima etc, for ages, since I was a kid. Thought to myself to check it out, as my son is reaching close to his teens...thought he would enjoy it. Searched for a starter set and OMG...the prices! I had no idea it was...
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    Sole-Proprietors: PAYE being auto-deducted by client

    A question for sole-proprietor's aka the one man band heroes :D I worked for my company full time, resigned and am now working for myself as a sole proprietor. I have a consultancy agreement with my previous company for X hours a month, so I work from home and trying to get something started. I...
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    Doctors working for themselves cant get an essential services certificate

    So if you go the BizPortal website to try register for an essential services certificate as a doctor, you cant. It asks for an enterprise number, and most doctors dont have companies registered etc, there wont be an enterprise number. I see GP's dont need an essential services certificate, but...
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    Tax for sole proprietors

    Hey there, Quick question, how do you calculate the tax you need to set aside each month? Say I have 1 client, get R30k a much of that do I set aside for tax (assuming I cant claim back for rent and other things)? Is there a SARS tax table to show how much you pay based on what you...
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    Best pricing model to sell a web application?

    Hiya I developed and online web application for someone, and wrote it in such a way that hopefully one day others would buy it to. So they paid for the web app, and I set it up on their domain, all good. Essentially I have been paid for the time I took to develop the app. Someone else is...
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    What does a lockdown mean for residential complexes?

    Shoo maar die mense word WOES by my! Ok, so the Prez was clear last nite. Isolate in your homes, you not allowed to go out your house unless essential (food, meds etc). Most of the residents in our complex are saying screw that, we a gated community and will go for walks etc (keeping social...
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    TransUnion vehicle valuation report

    Hi, I see TransUnion have a vehicle value report for R10, so add your car's details and it gives a report of retail and trade value. I know its an estimate, but are their reports and values more or less correct? Cheers
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    Selling a vehicle - potential buyer and price drop request?

    I'm selling a vehicle, and had a potential buyer drop by. He brought his mechanic and gave it a good inspection and mechanic recons its running great, good condition etc. Basically he got the thumbs up from his mechanic. It is due for a minor service and needs new front tyres but even so he said...
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    Penalty levies for not completing building in 1 year in a complex?

    Hi, Hopefully someone can shed some light, otherwise will have to get some legal advice. In our complex, any building you do must be completed in 12 months from when you start (occupancy certificate needed at the end for sign off). We started with building adding onto our house, but had to...
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    Any car sales people on here? Have a question about car trade value

    Howzit So I have a i20, it has some minor bumper and rear panel dents/scratches from what I think was a bakkie reversing out a parking bay and swiping the rear drivers side. I want to sell/trade in my the question is do I get it repaired before trading in or selling...or just leave it...
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    Man in a coma after N2 stoning
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    Retrenching a domestic and covering your bases - have I left anything out?

    Since my wife has started her new position beginning this year...we have decided we need to cut back a little on things, as we sometimes land up struggling, last month I had to rely on my CC - not great considering the debt already on there. Granted my wife is studying so its not like its every...
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    Photo's on the iPad

    I'm really enjoying my iPad 2 but man Apple are a bit narrow minded when it comes to the development of their software. I imported all my pics from my ext HDD, which are arranged into a folder structure I find easy to manage. In the root of the pics folder on my ext HDD, I have folder for events...
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    Cant log out the store in iTunes

    Hope someone can give details on a way around this. Load up iTunes, and then go to the iStore and on the right where it has my email address, I click the drop menu and select to sign out. It then looks like its processing...and then iTunes hangs. Only way to kill it is via task manager's...
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    iPad cover advice needed

    iPad 2 cover advice needed Hi guys, Got an iPad 1 today and looking for a cover but have nooo clue on what to get. Searched and read a few posts, but didnt get any clearer on what my best option is. I dont want a smart cover as I want the back protected too. I have seen some sort of covers...
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    Girls who tortured hen escape punishment
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    DSTV installation recommendations? (Somerset West)

    Hi, I found a couple places via Google, but thought it would be a good idea to check if any forum users have used a company they can highly recommend for DSTV installations? We need our existing extra view HD PVR setup installed in our new place. I have so far enquired with: Satellite...
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    Can someone recommend a good creche in Somerset West?

    Hi, We are looking for a good crèche for our 15 month old son. We are moving to Somerset West in 6 weeks as I got a new job quite unexpectedly sooner than anticipated (thought it was going to take longer etc). I was recommend to check out Pride and Joy, but they are full and have a huge...
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    Big guns sent in for Malema

    Here is the article...but more interesting is this comment: I have to say...makes sense...and I kind of agree with this...its disturbing... :mad: