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  1. Aravose

    Data and voice for 6 months?

    My son will be in S.A. for around 6 months. He already has a phone, so I just need to get him a SIM with about 3GB and 150 minutes per month. Could you suggest a provider and the way to do this at a good price?
  2. Aravose

    Vodacom ads

    How do I stop the ads that come with Vodacom voicemail messages?
  3. Aravose

    Toggle/cable to connect HDMI to USB?

    Is there a toggle or cable which can connect an HDMI (out) port to a USB (in) port for video? Where can I get one? Thanks!
  4. Aravose

    Rain installation

    I want to get this, so I sent them an email. They must be very busy coz they don't reply. Perhaps one of you guys can help me... Do they install (e.g. position the router) or must I do it? What is the connection from the router to the PC - is it wifi or cables? What is the preferred or maximum...
  5. Aravose

    Business vs Personal customer

    The difference between MTN contracts for Business and Personal customers is enormous - Business contracts are much better value. Is there a catch I'm not seeing?
  6. Aravose

    Vox to Supersonic

    Is it worth the hassle (interruption to service + transfer costs vs better speed and service in future)?