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    Ramaphosa could face coup if Zuma is arrested for Zondo inquiry walkout, warns MKMVA's Maphatsoe

    Yes, MK for the win, if killing soft targets was the intent. They had no equal.
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    Ramaphosa could face coup if Zuma is arrested for Zondo inquiry walkout, warns MKMVA's Maphatsoe

    those cunts could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag, man for man, MKVA were no match for SADF, move on.
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    Black Workers suffer in Sun International jobs bloodbath

    bloodbath - sounds like battle of blood river, moving on, looks at country 'colour' numbers, yep about right.
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    Exclusive: Top-secret testimonies implicate Rwanda’s president in war crimes

    Africa is savage, move on. Don't try and change that, the absolute savages never will. Room temperature IQ Muppets will do their thing. Make sure you have alternative arrangements, only a matter of time.
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    Woolworths Credit Card

    thanks, just checked :)
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    South Africa’s army is out of money – here’s how bad things are

    much like the SABC, would anyone notice, bunch of wannabe soldiers masquerading as something they are not. The SANDF mirrors every other ANC 'excellence' we are saddled with. Yet, the ignorant masses are happy with mediocrity, doubt they could tell the difference to be honest, or even care...
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    Stop wearing camouflage, military warns after shop owner arrested for 'illegally selling uniforms'

    not quite sure who would want to impersonate the riff-raff that calls itself the SANDF.
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    PIC is willing to help Eskom with debt, says Mboweni

    GEPF is managed by PIC - pension is guaranteed, if no more money in the kitty, it becomes a taxpayer burden.
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    Top Mpumalanga ANC man arrested for alleged rape of 7-year-old twin daughters

    Viva pure excellence again from the ANC, voters will concur.
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    Almost half of all people in KZN are unemployed: finance MEC

    pure excellence which is what we have come to expect from these majority Muppets - continue voting ANC.
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    Last-ditch attempt to halt job cuts at SABC

    Would welcome the blackout as promised. Would not notice it though, bunch of overpaid parasites.
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    School probed over ’no black teachers’

    no pill for stupid unfortunately.
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    SABC staff appeal for SA support as retrenchments loom

    Hit the nail on the head, and mostly are. Very astute observation.
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    School probed over ’no black teachers’

    LOL, IceBoy is infatuated with JuliusM - is there a word in Pedi for wyfie? hahaha (one of the classic comments from the feed)
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    SABC executives paid millions

    who are those ~3M people that pay? Big drama about TV licences but only accounts for~14% of revenue, fcukoff.
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    Almost R254 million and 10 years later, still no water in villages

    less than zero fcuks given for these Muppets, they have the power to effect change, but thoroughly enjoy living in squalor, fcukem.
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    Health Ombudsman Report into deaths of 96 mentally ill patients

    Let me guess the other R113.5M has been stolen.