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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Guys the SBSABF25 code is active again for cyber monday on Amazon Remember this isnt a takealot type deal where the code will work even without a std bank card :D only std banks cards will allow the code to be active
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    OnePlus Nord

    Please post what shops are decent to use, i used Pophong before and they are awesome but now i'm eyeing the Asus Rog 3 but they dont stock it.
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    Oneplus 7T and 7T Pro

    could possibly be time to upgrade my Oneplus 5, was thinking about the 7T but should i wait for the 8 ? i'm also looking at the red magic 3s which has some very nice specs.
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    Devi is leaving??

    i wouldn't be surprised if she moved to the states, i think her daughter has a scholarship there however her son is still schooling here so who knows. The states would definitely be lucky to have her, i can see her in a CNN type role if not similar.
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    Haval/GWM Cars

    i have to agree with the above, bought our ix35 in 2011 the 2L Auto with all the bells and whistles incl the maintenance plan for something like R330k, that same sort of spec now on the new Tucson is almost R500k if not over with certain models. i would love to get another one but the price is...
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    Chinese and East Asian cars

    i had a tata indica, bought second hand and had for 5 to 6 years. It was the 2005 model iirc. It served me well, never gave a days problem other than an annoying fan belt noise.
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    Exposed – False power bank capacity claims in South Africa

    My goto is my Adata 20 000mah powerbank that i bought a couple of years ago from raru. It has saved me countless times and is now a permanent accessory to my Nintendo switch. i even bought another one for my wife.
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    Takealot vs Makro vs Dion Wired vs Game - Black Friday deliveries tested

    All but one of my order came, I'm still waiting for my Makro order from the 26th :( they just ignoring me on twitter. i sent an email yesterday but still no response. i have dm'd them now on twitter as well. Their WhatsApp number is just a bot so useless. Anyone else know how the get them to...
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    Takealot vs Makro vs Dion Wired vs Game - Black Friday deliveries tested

    i ordered a case of beer on the 26th from Makro, I'm still waiting :( at this rate i might only be enjoying it in the new year :crying::eek:
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    Vodacom Black Friday big data special - 20GB for R175

    Does anyone know what specs are those on the Lenovo laptop bundle for R299pm ?
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    Takealot Blue Dot Sale – Up to 60% off TVs, gadgets, tech products

    +1000 000 This cannot be said enough! BTW they don't prescribe to the ASA so that's why they get away with it every time somebody takes them up
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    Takealot Blue Dot Sale – Up to 60% off TVs, gadgets, tech products

    These guys have gone dodgy as hell after that merger with Kalahari I don't trust em anymore and definitely wont be using them even if something is cheap i rather give my money to Loot
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    Switch Owners - Is it worth it?

    by revision do you mean the new switch model with longer battery life ? If so then you can spot the difference by looking at the box. The new switch has a red box i believe.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    Started pokemon Sword on Saturday and so far so good. I've only just defeated the third gym leader. Its still early stages but I'm enjoying it, don't like the puzzles though. A lot of gamers finding the game too easy. i'm enjoying the wild and the new pokemon so its all good for now.
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    Loot Vouchers Thread

    Yip it does.
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    Alternatives to Webuycars ?

    thanks for all the replies, getworth was what i was looking for but my car has > 150km now so guess that's not an option. I'll try the other suggestions.
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    Loot Vouchers Thread

    Anyone have a loot voucher they not planning on using ? please pm me if you do. thank you
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    Alternatives to Webuycars ?

    Hi Getting ready to let go of my car soon i was thinking of going with webuycars but i remembered seeing a few posts on here about another company that offer better prices. looking for a company that does all the paperwork etc so hassle free :) I'm probably going to be looking for a quick...
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    What game are you playing now ?

    DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age tried this yesterday, so far so good. seems pretty decent. This is my first dragon quest game, the characters look very familiar though. i'm almost convinced that main guy is android 11 or is it android 17 from DBZ ? some of the others look like dbz...
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    Is the Nintendo Switch console available with a cellphone contract in SA like in the UK

    well that sucks then :( i saw a youtube vid somewhere of these new joycons (bright purple and yellow etc) anyway the guy opened it up and the serial number on joystick was different, so the thinking was that these new joycons will not have the drift issue. guess only time will tell, its an...