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    Apple Music is coming to Amazon Alexa

    Any work around yet available for integrating Apple Music ZA
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    Where can I get wood chunks for smoking?

    Do you still supply? I’m Cape Town based?
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    Please Rate your ISP (Other - If your ISP is not listed individually)

    ISP: Atomic Access Rate: Excellent What they do well: Line speeds are great...No throttling SW. Offer Static IP's on FTTH Clients. Month to month as well as super competitive pricing. Where they can improve: Nothing as yet......Time will tell
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    Where is Iphone IOS 4

    i have the visual voicemail service enabled:confused: would that make a difference:confused:
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    Where is Iphone IOS 4

    vodacom support for ios4 seems non existent voicemail button not working call forwarding Active bar shows up on dial out anyone with the same issues???? or a sollution
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    AT&T SIM card

    Pm Me I have 1 you can use I reside in Table view
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    I'm in the Tableview area if you want 1 i can get it for you There are IGLAZE 3G - GRAPHITE 250.00 (hard case) IGLAZE 3G - MILK WHITE 250.00 (hard case) PURO 3G GRAPHITE BLACK 250.00 (soft case) PURO 3G MILK WHITE 250.00 (soft case)
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    I have the Moshi puro case for my 32gb iphone(white) what an awesome case - Already available locally. BTW I purchased a network unlocked version from Hong Kong for R7100.
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    MTN and Iphone 3GS

    I have been using mtn network on my 2g 3g and now my 3gs 32gb without a hitch. Mtn Coverage in your area might be the problem.
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    Have you tried is great or ( hate to refer them...bad past experience) maybe you'll have better luck or the apple store in Claremont(project 3 in protea road) they have a large variety of cases & covers for the iphone.