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    Vodacom ConnectU - dodgy T&Cs

    It appears that Vodacom has signed me up for this service without me making any request. They have now blocked all Internet access on my LTE router until I sign a new terms and conditions. There is no option to opt-out of this service. I'm not going to sign terms and conditions that give yet...
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    Best way to process upgrades

    What is the least frustrating way to interact with Vodacom for upgrades and new data contracts? I have now tried their online shop and multiple stores in the Western Cape and it's a consistent disappointment: * Can't find deals in the "system" that are listed on the deal sheet and brochure *...
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    Vodacom data issues

    Anyone else having issues with data on Vodacom in Western Joburg? 2 phones and my LTE router are all unable to establish a PDP context. There seems to be some tweets about issues but I'm not sure if this is the normal level of noise. Registration onto the network and phone calls don't...
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    Local-only Dynamic DNS [beta]

    The dynami dynamic DNS service is actually still only in BETA but it seems that it has been quite heavily used during the WebAfrica local-only trial ;) It is a dynamic DNS update server working on the same protocol as DynDNS. This means that most DynDNS clients should work with the service. It...
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    Why is Protocol-41 traffic being blocked?

    I'm using the 'unrestricted' APN. Protocol-41 traffic is being dropped by a firewall somewhere on Vodacom's network. The traffic is not even being properly rejected - just silently dropped. This means my connection is very slow while the connection waits to timeout. :mad:
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    Dirty rotten scoundrel

    Whoooops - last post vanished... So I won't post the details of the scoundrel who is selling lists of OUR email addresses to spammers... I'll just link to someone else who has already done it for me... Unfortunately - what this guy is doing is not [YET] a criminal offense in South Africa...
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    Voice Quality Issues

    I spent a week in Durban recently on business and while I was there the voice quality on my cell was awful. I thought there may be something wrong with the phone and was trying to figure out how I would get to a Vodashop. (never happened) When I returned to JHB suddenly the voice quality was...