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    Vumatel and SADV merge to operate as a single entity

    SADV is done. Check with your ISP.
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    Vodacom ConnectU - dodgy T&Cs

    It appears that Vodacom has signed me up for this service without me making any request. They have now blocked all Internet access on my LTE router until I sign a new terms and conditions. There is no option to opt-out of this service. I'm not going to sign terms and conditions that give yet...
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    Google is building a subsea cable from Europe to Cape Town

    Demand from the ISPs for international cable capacity has been dwindling for a while. Meanwhile the content providers are seeing consistent growth in their bandwidth needs. Whether this is just to feed caches and frontend servers or deployment of full compute and backend systems, they have...
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    Help with Afrihost/Openserve PPPOE over Mikrotik

    The RB433 is pretty old and may well be your limiting factor. I have a RB2011 connected to the Nokia ONT and don't have any issues.
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    Kulula will let you use your phone throughout flights

    I got taken to task by a guy in my row for playing games on my phone during take off. We were on a FlySafair flight and even pointing out the dozens of other phone users around us would not make him believe that they did not require my phone off according to the safety briefing. He was at least...
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    SABC radio building evacuated after massive diesel leak, people still trapped

    SABC Radio Park definitely has substantial mechanical/services floors in the middle. Would not be too irrational to install generators there beside the water pumping and air handling systems. The building would have been originally designed to allow for maintenance of these systems using a...
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    Dad sues Lanseria Airport for R3.5m after son breaks arm in baggage conveyor

    And this can be both in the case of action or inaction. Forgetting to install safety components of a machine could see you found criminally negligent and liable.
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    Many ISPs will not use the new fibre cable to America

    That is partially correct. Telkom is not the only tier 1 network in South Africa, regardless of which definition you might use for network tiers. We have had many others in that space for more than 10 years now. To get value out of this cable system you need to be utilising it directly as part...
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    Many ISPs will not use the new fibre cable to America

    That is a fairly narrow use case. Part of the reason why the ISPs are not excited about this cable is the small number of users that will benefit. It's great that we can get 220ms to Miami but South American and the Southern USA accounts for a very small percentage of traffic in South African...
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    Ombidsman regarding Webafrica

    WebAfrica is a member of ISPA and they commit to You can lodge a complaint if you believe that they are in breach:
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    DFA line question...

    None of the FTTH operators will link up a single house via the DFA network - its simply too expensive. You will need to get at least some of your neighbours interested in fibre before anything is likely to happen. Also remember that the distance to the fibre backbone is typically measured along...
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    Best way to process upgrades

    Sooo... you're saying I should move my lines into the name of a business to be taken seriously?
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    Best way to process upgrades

    What is the least frustrating way to interact with Vodacom for upgrades and new data contracts? I have now tried their online shop and multiple stores in the Western Cape and it's a consistent disappointment: * Can't find deals in the "system" that are listed on the deal sheet and brochure *...
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    Why data expires – Explained by a hacker

    This is a falicy that we need to unpack a bit. Just because the network is built does not mean it's paid for. This is the equivalent of saying that you are the owner of a house and only pay maintenance and ignoring your monthly bond repayments. There is not a single network in this country...
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    South Africa’s impressive Internet infrastructure - NAPAfrica vs INX-ZA

    Even if the NSA was able to get their equipment into the internet exchanges (which is quite unlikely) the data they could gather would be pretty meaningless. Almost all internet services now run end-to-end encryption and you'd need to bug the user or the server directly to see unencrypted data...
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    Installing fibre for a Complex -- who is best ?

    If it's DFA fibre there then SADV might be able to help you with FTTH using those existing links.
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    Telkom wasted R200 million on Bain - Report

    BCX is a merger of Business Connexion (whom Telkom bought) and Telkom Business - basically the business services division of Telkom. Both provide a lot of network and ISP services to many large South African businesses and government entities.
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    How long will it take to lay fibre?

    Over that kind of distance there are also going to be lots of challenges getting permission. If you're planning to go along a national road you'll need to speak to Sanral and they'll probably charge you rent. You'll need permission from every other land owner you cross and an environmental...
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    Team Blind

    Apparently once 30 people from the same company sign up they will add a dedicated sub-forum that's open to only staff of that company
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    DFA Residential fibre

    SADV is a subsidiary of DFA who does residential fibre. They are also open access so you might be able to get the line from them and the Internet service from someone else. I think it depends on the agreements signed with the landlords though.