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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    I've been following this thread closely for some time now and thought I would chime in on my experience. Please excuse the monologue, but I feel it is important to state the mindset I come from, as it affects my investment decisions. I am in the lucky position to have paid off most of my debt...
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    Telkom/Netflix 3 Month promotion

    Using the TIN number instead of my account number worked. Telkom Fiber customer. Thanks @IVTEC you're a champ!
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    Home network multiple wireless AP issue

    I had a fibre line installed in my home in January. After that I decided to enhance my network to extend my wifi coverage and get a cabled connection to my xbox. Being a software developer (i.e. professional Googler) I managed to figure it out. 2 switches, 2 wireless APs and some sweaty ceiling...