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  1. ekske1

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Pretoria works on my box™
  2. ekske1

    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    leet bread baking :thumbsup:
  3. ekske1

    Giant Toblerone Bar

    jys mal. In anycase got my last one at dischem... will get more :laugh:
  4. ekske1

    Giant Toblerone Bar

    TOBLERONE is weed?
  5. ekske1

    Giant Toblerone Bar

    Dischem where I got one about a week ago.
  6. ekske1

    Has anyone reported a car for having no brake lights? Who do I contact?

    mybroadband? A lot of readers seems to hand over / contact them with problems.
  7. ekske1

    MultiChoice executive salaries and DStv Premium prices – the inconvenient truth

    Comparing 1st world to "africa 3rd world"... lol.
  8. ekske1

    Top talent in South Africa is now shrinking: expert

    First in my profession I've heard the following "..yeah they are kind of short staffed and are looking to plug the holes" That was another development company in rsa, not small either.
  9. ekske1

    Spur waiter increases tip on POS machine without me knowing

    First mistake :ROFL: But... you are saying all of the waiters at each and every spur is kak. Which can't be the case.
  10. ekske1

    Tuks phasing out Afrikaans as medium of instruction

    I wish this sanity prevailed when I was at school up to tertiary. Of course you'd get the naysayers en fokken trotse afkinaaners telling you to study for example programming in afrikaans. jesus... After thought: English schooling might have helped my English more than an English Church going.
  11. ekske1

    PC users are not updating their apps

    @Bradley Prior Never looked back.
  12. ekske1

    The Gauteng Heavy Rain and Hail Warning Thread!

    pfft. rumblings and not even drops.
  13. ekske1

    4 Word Game Thread: new and improved

    now taking a massive
  14. ekske1

    THE world could come to an explosive end on January 22

    2019 elections ? :p otherwise dec/jan again :cool::cool:
  15. ekske1

    THE world could come to an explosive end on January 22

    Totally forgotten about this :o
  16. ekske1

    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread

    @Sugarman new scale just arrived, now I can toss out the old and outdated analog one.