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    One of Our Best Views of the Super-massive Black Hole at the Heart of the Milky Way

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    Climate change tipping point could be coming sooner than we think: study

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    Planetary Scientists Continue to Puzzle Over the Mysterious Slope Streaks on Mars.

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    Asteroid Rate Jumped in Solar System’s Past

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    ‘Water, water everywhere’… but what are the final costs of ocean desalination?

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    Cassini images show methane rain on Titan

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    Unscrambling the Hidden Secrets of Superpermutations

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    Researchers discover black hole in our galaxy spinning rapidly around itself

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    How Nearby Stellar Explosions Could Have Killed Off Large Animals

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    Titan’s Thick Clouds Obscure our View, but Cassini Took these Images in Infrared

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    Antarctica losing six times more ice mass annually now than 40 years ago

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    Carl Sagan

    He got me in to these things watching Cosmos (The Original, not the re-make), what is your favourate of Carl Sagan?
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    Missing Galaxies? Now There’s Too Many

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    Astronomers discover first direct evidence of white dwarf stars solidifying into crystals

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    Smartphone users warned to be careful of the Antichrist
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    Boeing shows off new transonic wing concept

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    Computer simulation sheds new light on colliding stars

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    What groceries cost in the 80s

    All The Pics and rest Here
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread

    Lets Start the new year of 2019 in Memory of Fanie. Been a hard year of 2018 for me, lets see how we all do this year. At sign-up, please provide the following details: - Age - Male/Female - Height - Method of Weightloss - Highest Weight Ever - Weight at sign-up - Goal Weight Preferred update...
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    Why the Best Place to Find Dark Matter May Be in a Rock