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    Motor Ombudsman (MIOSA) experiences

    Hi. I see there were some entries on this but a while ago. A few months after lodging a very serious complaint, I have had absolutely nothing back and no idea of how long they plan to take to handle the case I wondered if anyone has experienced a helpful outcome?
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    Which is best - Uber, Mr D or another?

    I recently had a string of bad experiences with Uber Eats (recent being when they over-charged R200 and send dumb responses to my queries). So I'm looking for an alternative I can rely on. Anyone had a chance to compare them with Mr D, or are there others worth looking at?
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    TVWS (TV White Spaces) - the big project at last Hopefully this will be the game-changing project we've been waiting for.
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    James Gubb fined for Digital Protest - Gupta Middle Finger Oakbay Trades
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    Telkom S8 out of stock

    I ordered a black s8 over 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for the waybill confirmation. Telkom is not promising when I'll get it. I suggest going into a store or trying another provider as they only tell you about the stock shortage after deducting your cash. Rather a joke - I complained...
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    Urgently need super-wizz iPhone data restorer in Cape Town

    Just bricked an iPhone whilst travelling (underwater for 30 minutes) so there's major critical data I can't get off. Where's the best place to take this in Cape Town to ensure I at least get the data off the memory (preferably S Suburbs and not OTT pricing)
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    Telkoms TweetBot - Nightmare limbo dialog

    The most incredibly frustrating attempt to get sense of a 'tweetbot' - Telkom and TelkomHello on Tweet: This is an actual record, no jokes (and I can assure you it is not funny - I've registered an order for a Samsung S7 Edge mid-May (after applying 3x) and was told by the operator I passed...
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    Kulula payment gateway not working

    Anybody battling with the Kulula gateway tonight. I consistently get this : Kulula call centre people are all 'in their pyjamas', which doesn't help much when you can't book a flight
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    Me&YouMobile Unlimited Calls Stricter Fair Use Policy

    I see Me&You Mobile now tightening the screws: In addition to tightening up the conditions, there's a ridiculous requirement that you now need to use at least 50mb of data, which means that you have to spend more every month to...
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    Household electricity penetration in 1994

    There was an interesting article on this topic in Mail and Guardian today. Zuma quotes 34% and 50% at different times. Other research suggests that number applied to 1991, which was before the major Eskom electrification drive. Suggestion is that when ANC took power it was just over 50%. Did...
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    Imminent load shedding from 1 - 8 Feb 2015

    I'm looking at Eskom's bulleting 316, released today: It clearly shows expected demand outstripping supply from Sunday 1 Feb and for the week following! The last time Eskom predicted a...