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    Worst iPad 4 and iPad mini release

    I'm waiting for Dion Wired to get them. I have a sealed ipad 3 purchased from them that I'm returning. When I called my local store, the manager didn't even know a new iPad existed. He started arguing with me that there is no iPad 4 and it doesn't exist...haha
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    iPad 4 release date in SA?

    Damn, ok thanks RPM
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    iPad 4 release date in SA?

    Anyone know the release date of this in SA.
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    How to get hotspot & tethering working on your iPad [iOS 6]

    How to get hotspot & tethering working on your iPad 3rd gen Perfect! Thanks
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    My opinion on Apple Maps

    Not to mention it takes forever to load. I closed my apple maps on the iPad and opened google maps on my S2. Quick and easy. Apple need to update.
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    No youtube on ipad... wtf

    Well that sucks. I love lying in my bed and You Tubing. I'm not a fan of You Tube with the browser on the iPad.
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    AppStore watch: New & Sale items

    Ah great. Been eyeing airmail but too stingy to buy it. Now it's in my stingy price range.
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    Chrome for iOS launched

    I'm actually disappointed with it. My browsing is noticeably slower with chrome. I did tests between the two and Safari kept coming out tops. Also, changing tabs with chrome seems slow and clunky. Deleted...this is with the iPad 3.
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    Possibly, its just that ive grown up eating spanakopites and tiropites and I've never tasted onion in an original spanakopita made by granny in Greece or mom in SA...or by any of the 8billion aunts. ;) Sho, I'm getting hungry now.
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    There's no onion in a spanakopita. But Ja, phyllo would make a great alternative in my opinion.
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    Does it only fry? (I guess so since it's called the airfryer lol). Today o was pan frying some chicken breast and the little bit of olive oil I added was going all over the place. Now I have a huge mess to clean. Can the airfryer just cook the chicken, as opposed to making 'fried'?
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    Muggers Demand iPhone, Turn Down Android

    Its true. On my latest upgrade, I asked for the iPhone 4 just so i could sell it easily. I'm an android user but people are prepared to pay for Apple products.
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    iPad on plane ?

    Yes. Just not a cellphone which is bizarre.
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    iPad 2 at IC for R4399, should I buy it?

    I would strongly suggest you get the 3g version. I also had a tablet and bought the non 3G version. Big mistake. Having always on 3G is so damn important. Don't kid yourself, you will regret it. I was sitting next to a colleague and he was receiving emails and having a good old time. My phone...
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    Which country has the most beautiful national anthem?

    Agreed. The Russian anthem has always been my favourite.
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    Linksys WRT54GL

    Hey all, I found a Linksys WRT54GL when I was packing up my parents. Ive had it for ages and when I was a little younger my father got some guy to set up a connection for us and he used this. Now im not too clued up regarding routers and splittling traffic etc so i was wondering, what the...