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    Pool - Non Slip Mats

    Hi All Any advice will be appreciated. My pool has tiles around it that get very slippery when wet. Any suggestions how to make them non clip, or where can i get mats from to put over the tiles. TIA.
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    SMS Delivery Notifications

    Hi Has anyone worked out yet how to get delivery notifications on the 4S for vodacom. What is the prefix to use?? Cheers D
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    Data with twin sim

    Hi Wonder if anyone can help. I have a blackberry and iphone with a twin sim. I bought a data bundle for the main number, all went thru fine. I then turn the iphone(slave) phone on (Primary is off), but it will not allow me to use the data :(. I can make phone calls and sms's etc but...
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    Ipad 1 and ipad 2 Upload data speeds

    Hi Anyone know why if i have an ipad 1 and 2 on the same 8ta 3G network, right next to each other, the ipad 1 has upload speed of 0.3 mbps, and ipad2 has upload speed of 3 .5 mbps?. Cheers D