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    Why is Entry Level Business Fibre So Expensive?

    Hi Tust Forumites. A few questions: 1. Why is business Fibre so expensive for our business Warehouse premises; the cheapest quote i have for a 10 meg line is R3500 per month + a R5K once off install cost? 2. Dark Fibre (DFA) has a Fibre backbone is our area which comprises mostly of...
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    Broken Woo Commerce Website; Developer Needed

    Dear all Our company’s website host provider upgraded their webservers from PHP from V5.6 to V7.2. This upgrade has caused our website to stop working as all scripts and plug-ins need to be upgraded/re-written for our website work with PHP V7.2. Can anyone put me in touch with a good...
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    Advice Please ROKU3 or WD LIVE

    Hi all members I want to cancell my monochoice DSTV premium subscription. I already have a 2MB Adsl uncapped line. Questions I have: 1. Which would be decent device; I was looking at Roku3 or WD Live; are there any other reliable or decent devices? 2. Where can I purchase them from? 3. For...