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    Best PI setup for mobile WiFi

    I'm about to attempt my first Pi project which requires the device to receive 3G/LTE and GPS, while making a WiFi hotspot for 10+ devices to use as a mobile hotspot. I understand that the Raspberry Pi has no built in SIM card adapter, or GPS. Since it is my first project, I would like some...
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    Network cuts out every few minutes. Urgent help needed please!

    Hi all. Im really hoping someone can help me... In the past few months I have gone through almost 5 routers/modems/extenders. None seem to be any better than the rest. I used to use a pretty basic netgear modem. I only operated in 2.4 Ghz, and worked perfectly. Recently though, I've...
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    Powerline network help

    Been struggling like mad these past few weeks to get WiFi coverage throughout my home. Its a large double storey house with thick walls. Unfortunately, the modem cannot be moved from where it is. I have tried wireless extenders and they just won't work. I have bought top of the range Belkin...
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    Where can i get an iPad 2 32GB 3G& WiFi?

    Hi all. I know there is an availability thread, but i see it hasn't been updated in a while, so im sorry for creating another thread. Where can i get a 32Gb 3G & WiFi iPad2 in the Joburg or Nelspruit areas? Tried Incredible and iStores and both said they didn't have stock.
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    App Store got smart overnight?

    Damn. I have using an American account for nearly a year now, with a fake address and everything. But tonight when i wanted to buy an app it says "A valid address is necessary to purchase. Click on Billing Info to go to the address page and correct your address." Where can i get another fake...
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    Smart cover alternatives?

    Howzit guys. My dad has decided to get an iPad2 soon, and im looking for a cover that covers back and front, but works in the same way as the Smart Cover (Flaps over, and wakes iPad). I have found this one...